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Disaster Prevention Manual: Produced and distributed by NIC, and available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Filipino and simple Japanese. Click here for details

Latest Topics

  • Nagoya Calendar – June 2017 Edition

    Featuring upcoming NIC events, as well as events and exhibitions in and around Nagoya, disaster preparedness information and info for residents, and our Bulletin Board.

  • Children’s Story Book Time

    Come and share in the fun and listen to foreign volunteers as they read a selection of children’s books in their native language.

  • Wanted! NIC Disaster Language Volunteers

    Interested in using your linguistic ability to help the community? Come along to one of NIC’s registration and information Sessions for Disaster Language Volunteers & Language Volunteers.

  • Nunoike English Speech Contest

    An English Speech Contest for all ages from junior high school students to adults.

  • The 3rd Photo Festival in Japan

    Presented by the Photo Festival in Japan Executive Committee, an exhibition presenting the landscape photos of foreign photographers resident in Japan.



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about NIC

The Nagoya International Center is a non-profit orgaznization based in Nakamura Ward, Nagoya Japan. We provide free services to foreign residents and run several community programs.

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