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The Nagoya International Center has numerous registered volunteers to support the various activities of the Center. If you are interested in becoming a NIC Volunteer and would like more information about becoming one, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, at the Exchange and Cooperation Projects Division on the 4F at 052-581-5689.

Volunteer Category Activities
1. Homestay Volunteers
Volunteers invite foreign visitors (including: those coming to Nagoya to participate in NIC events, students enrolled at Japanese Universities, and others deemed by NIC to be suitable for the homestay program) to stay at their homes.
2. Language Volunteers Volunteers provide their services as interpreters, translators or tour guides at NIC events, for organizations or groups introduced by NIC, and for Japanese and foreign residents/visitors to Nagoya.
3.Project Assistance Volunteers A. Information Counter Volunteers Volunteers assist with the compilation and classification of information, and respond (in Japanese and English) to inquiries from the public at the information counter
B. Library Volunteers Volunteers assist with the organization of the library and with the introduction of books to the public, in addition to producing the newsletter, “Library News”.
C. Returnee & Overseas Student Counseling Office Volunteers Volunteers with experience of living overseas provide information and assist with advisory services for returnee students and students who will shortly transfer to schools overseas.
D. Hiragana Shinbun Volunteers Volunteers compile and edit the “Hiragana Shinbun” newspaper, a quarterly publication for foreigners written in kanji with furigana readings.
E. Japanese Language Teaching Volunteers Volunteers teach Japanese to foreigners through the “NIC Nihongo no Kai” Japanese language class (3 courses per year, held on Sundays).
F. Events Volunteers Volunteers assist with the publicity, preparation of facilities and materials for NIC events, event planning and implementation.
G. Broadcast Volunteer Broadcasting volunteers help to provide information for the foreign community through radio broadcasts in English, Korean, Portuguese, and Chinese.

  1. Participation in pre-recording meetings.
  2. Studio recordings.
  3. Translation of the Japanese. manuscript into the broadcasting language.
  4. Assisting with the gathering of information to be used in the radio broadcasts.
H. Intercultural Understanding Volunteers Volunteers help to promote intercultural understanding by talking to groups of students and other visitors to the Nagoya International Center about other cultures and ways of life, and also assist with the introduction of NIC services and activities.

  1. Introduction of NIC activities to groups and individuals visiting the Nagoya International Center
  2. Introduction of the volunteer’s home country or another country in which he or she has lived.
  3. Gathering information to be used when talking to groups of visitors to the center.
4. International Cooperation Volunteers In order to raise funds to support the construction and running of schools in developing countries, volunteers assist with the publicity and coordination of the collection of mis-addressed postcards for the World Terakoya Movement.
5. Disaster Language Volunteers If a big natural disaster occurs, volunteers interpret information for non-Japanese speaking foreigners.

Wanted! NIC Disaster Language Volunteers

Interested in using your linguistic ability to help the community? Come along to one of NIC’s registration and information Sessions for Disaster Language Volunteers & Language Volunteers.

Need translation or interpretation help?

The Nagoya International Center has a number of Language Volunteers that can provide Japanese language translation or interpretation support to foreign residents for daily living assistance, international exchange events, and tourist spots. Support is available in English as well as German, French, Chinese, Thai, & over a dozen other languages.

Kyuban Danchi Children’s Football School

Make friends and be part of our volunteer-run multi-cultural community-building project.

Nagoya to Azerbaijan

After attending the 2005 Aichi World Expo Tarana Huseynova wanted to bring a piece of Japan back with her to her native Azerbaijan. A Japanese woman that Tarana met at the Expo took the idea a step further and in April 2006 sent 10 cherry saplings to her in Azerbaijan.

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