Small Appliance Recycling Stations

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Small Appliance Recycling Stations

New Small Appliance Recycling Stations from the 1st of February 2014
New Small Appliance Recycling Stations from the 1st of February 2014 – Click to enlarge

Cellphones, Digital Cameras, and other Small Home Appliances contain rare and precious metals which can be usefully recycled.

You can help by recycling any unused items. The City appreciates your cooperation!

How to Recycle
Place appropriate items into the special recycling box.
Maximum accepted size of items; 15cm(h) x 40cm(w) x 25cm(d)

Recyclable Items

Fax Machines
RadiosDigital Cameras
Film Cameras
Video Cameras
Video Players
-Tuners etcGame Consoles

E-book Readers
Electronic Dictionaries
Blood Pressure Monitors
Electronic Thermometers
Data Storage Devices
– USB/SD/HDD etc
Car Electronics
– Navigation,
– ETC units etc

Audio Equipment
– CD/MD Players
– Digital Audio Players
– IC Voice Recorders

Grooming Devices
– Hair Dryers
– Hair Irons
– Electric Shavers
– Electric Toothbrushes

Other Components
– Remotes/AC Adapters
– Cables and Plugs
– Connectors, Chargers etc.

Recycling Station Locations

Chikusa: Apita Chiyodabashi, Chikusa Ward Office
Higashi: Aeon Nagoya Dome-mae, Higashi Ward Office
Kita: Apita Nagoya Kita, Kita Ward Office & Kusunoki Branch Office
Nishi: Yoshizuya Nagoya Meisei, Nishi Ward Office & Yamada Branch Office
Nakamura: Kahma Kogane & Hatta, Matsuya Denki, Nakamura Ward Office
Naka: Top Camera Main Store, Naka Ward Office
Showa: Aeon Yagoto, Showa Ward Office
Mizuho: Cainz Home Horita, Mizuho Ward Office
Atsuta: Aeon Atsuta, Kahma 21 Atsuta, Atsuta Ward Office
Nakagawa: Kahma Sennonji & Nakagawa Tomita, Matsuya Denki Yaguma,
Yoshizuya Taiheidori, Nakagawa Ward Office & Tomita Branch Office
Minato: Apita Tokaidori, Aeon Minato & Nan’yo, Minato Ward Office &
Nan’yo Branch Office
Minami: Apita Minami, Aeon Aratamabashi, Kahma Motoshio &
Minami Ward Office
Moriyama: Apita Shinmoriyama, Aeon Moriyama, Moriyama Ward Office &
Shidami Branch Office
Midori: Apita Narumi & Midori, Aeon Odaka, Midori Ward Office &
Tokushige Branch Office
Meito: Matsuya Denki Inokoishi, Meito Ward Office
Tenpaku: Matsuya Denki Hirabari, Tenpaku Ward Office



* Make sure you delete all personal information before recycling.

* The following cannot be recycled at these recycling stations; Washers, Dryers, Lightbulbs/Tubes, Batteries.

* Deposited items cannot be retrieved. Please confirm before recycling.

* Desktop computers and other large items cannot be recycled. Please consult the manufacturer for advice.

For enquiries please contact the Environmental Affairs Bureau’s Recycling Promotion Office on Tel: 052-972-2379 Fax: 052-972-4133 (Japanese only. If you do not speak Japanese, please use the NIC’s phone interpreting service).

To learn more about the Nagoya International Center,
please watch our video.

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