Child Support Allowance for Single Parents

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From August 2010 the current system of government-sponsored child support allowances (jido fuyo – teate 児童扶養手当) was expanded to include single fathers.

Child allowances for low-income single-parent families are paid three times a year – in April, August and December. Low-income father-only families who apply before November 30 will be eligible for the allowance from December.

Depending on the level of the beneficiary’s income, the allowances range from 9850 Yen to 41,720 Yen a month for the first child, an additional 5000 Yen a month for the 2nd child, and 3000 Yen a month for any additional children.

Allowances are payable to single-parent families who are raising children younger than 18 years of age (until March 31st following the 18th birthday), and under 20 years of age for children with physical or mental disabilities, where any one of the following conditions are met.

    1. The child is lives separately from the mother or father because the parents are divorced or separated.
    2. The child’s mother or father is deceased.
    3. The child’s mother or father is severely disabled (Physically-Disabled Person’s Handbook Level 1 or 2).
    4. It is not known if the child’s mother or father is alive or deceased.
    5. The child has been abandoned by the mother or father for a year or more.
    6. The child’s mother or father has been held in legal custody for a year or more.
    7. There is no father (the child was born out of wedlock).

Please be aware that application and payment procedure may vary between municipalities. For full details about the application process where you live please contact the children’s section (kodomo-ka 子ども課) of your local city hall or ward office.

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