A Notice from Nagoya Customs – Drug Smuggling is a Serious Crime

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A Notice from Nagoya Customs – Drug Smuggling is a Serious Crime
名古屋税関からのお知らせ – 不正薬物の密輸は、重大な犯罪です

Photo courtesy of Nagoya Customs
Photo courtesy of Nagoya Customs

Many drug smuggling cases were initiated by friends or acquaintances.

• Have you been asked to carry someone’s luggage, personal effects, or souvenirs?

• Has someone offered you a free trip abroad in exchange for a favor?

• Have you provided your name or address to friends or acquaintances looking to have a package shipped to you?

Although these requests may seem innocent, they may also be signs that someone is recruiting you for drug smuggling purposes.

Drug smuggling is a serious crime, violators will be severely punished. If you find yourself in any of the above situations, and think it suspicious, please inform Nagoya Customs. The information will be kept strictly confidential.

Inquiries: Nagoya Customs

E-mail: nagoya-chosa-johokanri@customs.go.jp

Phone (toll-free): 0120-461-961

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