Children – Beware of strangers approaching or following you

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Children – Beware of strangers approaching or following you

It’s important for parents to remind your children about safety. Between January and December 2015, some 732 incidents of persons approaching or following children for indecent purposes were reported in Aichi Prefecture.

Children are most vulnerable when alone, for example when walking home from school or after-school classes or after playing with friends.

● The keyword for children to remember to keep themselves safe is TsuMiKiONi (つみきおに).

ChnA ChnB ChnC
 Tsuite ikanai –
Don’t go with a stranger
 Minna to itsumo issho -
Never be alone
 Kichinto shiraseru –
Always tell (if you see
something suspicious)
 ChnD  ChnE
 Ōgoe o dashite tasuke o yobu –
Call out loudly for help
 Nigeru –
Run away


●  When going out, always carry a security buzzer or whistle.

ChnBuzzerWhistle2 Make sure it’s within easy reach, and check the buzzer regularly to make sure the battery isn’t flat and that it still works.


● Memorise Kodomo 110-ban no Ie around you

 Chn110  Kodomo 110-ban (hyaku-tō-ban) no Ie (こども110番の家) are shops or residences where children can take refuge and seek help when they feel threatened.
With your children, check the location of Kodomo 110-ban no Ie (look for the sign pictured) along your children’s route to and from school.
And even if there is no Kodomo 110-ban no Ie nearby, remind your children to run to a nearby shop or house and ask for help.



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