Chiune Sugihara’s Walk of Humanitarianism

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Chiune Sugihara’s Walk of Humanitarianism
「杉原千畝 人道の道」の設定

©NPO Chiune Sugihara Visas For Life
©NPO Chiune Sugihara Visas For Life

Chiune Sugihara, known for his “Visas for Life,” was a Japanese diplomat. In World War II, he saved a large number of Jewish people by issuing more than 2,000 visas to Jewish refugees who were trying to escape persecution.

As a child, Sugihara lived in Nagoya for about ten years. Praising his great achievements, the City of Nagoya has named the 4.5-km route that links the place where he lived with his old school, Aichi Prefectural Daigo Junior High School (present-day Aichi Prefectural Zuiryo High School), as “Chiune Sugihara’s Walk of Humanitarianism (Jindō no michi).”

A map of the route is now available in English and Japanese from Nagoya International Center and municipal tourist information centers.

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