Tax Returns: What you need

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Tax Returns: What you need



If you are thinking of making a reservation to attend one of the NIC Free Personal Income Tax Consultations (see here for details), or need to submit a final Tax Return (確定申告 / Kakutei shinkoku), make sure you bring all your required paperwork with you on the day. You’ll be needing:

1. Employment Income Withholding Record (源泉徴収票 / Gensen-chōshūhyō) and all other paperwork which shows any withheld tax.

2. Resident Card (在留カード / Zairyū kādo)

3. Passport

4. Bank account passbook

5. Seal (印鑑 / inkan)

6. Those who have made payments to dependents outside of Japan (see Applying for a Tax Exemption for Dependents who are Non-resident Relatives):

• Evidence to support your relationship with the dependent (birth / marriage certificate etc.)
• Proof of remittance (transfer slips etc.)

7. Those who wish to apply for medical expense deductions are required to bring their receipts issued by the respective medical institution/s.

8. Those enrolled in National Health Insurance or Social Insurance are required to bring proof of payment of all

9. Those who purchased a home in Japan using a loan, should ask their financial institution for a Home Loan Year-end Balance Certificate(住宅ローン年末残高証明書 / Jūtaku rōn nenmatsu zandaka shōmeisho).

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