Nagoya Calendar – March 2017 Edition

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What’s inside the March 2017 edition of the Nagoya Calendar?

2017_03 Our monthly 12 page publication available in print and online. Featuring events, exhibitions, festivals, disaster preparedness information, multicultural events and info for the residents of Nagoya City. The Nagoya Calendar also features our regular movie and TV guide and Bulletin Board.

March Highlights

  • Children’s Story Book Time
  • Disaster Preparedness Workshop
  • Nagoya International Music Festival
  • Tagata Shrine Hōnen Matsuri
  • Komaki Air Base Open Base
  • Inuyama Castle Spring Festival
  • Star Wars Visions
  • Nagoya City Science Museum: The Great Journey of Dinosaurs
  • and much more… see below for the full index, and to download either the full magazine or individual pages.

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Download all pages. (PDF, Approx. 2.5 MB)

Download Front & Back Covers.(PDF, Approx. 1.5 MB)

Download Page 2.(PDF, Approx. 1 MB)

      • Page 2
        • NIC Rental Facilities

Download Page 3.(PDF, Approx. 1 MB)

      • Page 3
        • Nagoya International Center Events
          • Children’s Story Book Time
          • Disaster Preparedness Workshop
          • Midori Multicultural Event
          • NIC’s Classroom for Global Citizens Program Needs YOU!

Download Page 4.(PDF, Approx. 1 MB)

      • Page 4
        • In and around Nagoya / Upcoming events
          • Clothing and Life in Nagoya – Memories and Soul
          • Hisayaodori Gardens Flarie: Camellia Exhibition
          • Star Gazing at the Science Museum – Jupiter
          • Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra
          • Higashiyama Botanical Gardens: Bonsai-style Planting in English
          • Nagoya Noh Theater – Special Performance Commemorating the 20th Anniversary
          • Nagoya Castle Spring Festival

Download Page 5.(PDF, Approx. 1 MB)

      • Page 5
        • In and around Nagoya / Upcoming events
          • Tōgokusan Fruits Park Spring Festival
          • The 11th Inazawa Plum Blossom Festival
          • Plum, Peach and Cherry Blossoms at Tokugawaen
          • Nagoya Archi Fes 2017
          • St. Patrick’s Day Parade Nagoya
          • Chie Monju Matsuri
          • The Ieyasu Parade

Download Page 6.(PDF, Approx. 1 MB)

      • Page 6
        • March Highlights
          • Komaki Air Base Open Base
          • Udatsu Machiya Dolls’ Festival
          • Oh-Agata Shrine Hōnensai
          • Tagata Shrine Hōnen Matsuri
          • Kinensai
          • Handa Spring Float Festival (Okkawa district)
          • Inuyama Castle Spring Festival

Download Page 7.(PDF, Approx. 1 MB)

      • Page 7
        • March Highlights
          • Star Wars Visions
          • Spring Exhibition from the Collection of the Yamazaki Mazak Museum of Art
          • Nagoya City Art Museum – Adolf Wölfli:A Kingdom of 25,000 pages
          • Nagoya City Science Museum: The Great Journey of Dinosaurs

Download Page 8.(PDF, Approx. 1 MB)

      • Page 8
        • Entertainment Calendar
          • Movie Theatre Schedule and Map for Nagoya Station, Fushimi, Sakae, Shin-Sakae, Yaba-cho, Imaike and Minato Areas
          • TV – Regular Bilingual Broadcasts
          • Movies on TV
          • Night, Sunday, & Holiday Emergency Clinics in Nagoya

Download Page 9.(PDF, Approx. 1 MB)

      • Page 9
        • Living in Nagoya
          • Plan ahead for garbage disposal when moving
          • Hanami
          • Free Guided Tour of Nagoya / Aichi Gogaku Volunteers Seminar

Download Pages 10 & 11.(PDF, Approx. 1 MB)

      • Page 10
        • Bulletin Board
          • Cultural Learning Opportunities
          • Other Services and Assistance Available for Foreigners
          • Japanese Language Classes
          • Sports & Outdoor Clubs
          • Meeting & Activities
      • Page 11
        • Bulletin Board
          • Family Groups
          • Places of Worship



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