The City of Nagoya Ordinance on the Promotion of the Safe and Proper Use of Bicycles has been enacted

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Bike Riders – Observe the rules and ride safely
The City of Nagoya Ordinance on the Promotion of the Safe and Proper Use of Bicycles has been enacted
自転車はルールを守って安全運転 「名古屋市自転車の安全で適正な利用の促進に関する条例」を制定しました


The ordinance was enacted (and came into force on 1 April, 2017) in order to promote the safe and proper use of bicycles, reduce traffic accidents, and protect victims of bicycle accidents.

What the ordinance covers

■Enhancement of road safety education

Work to educate your community, household, workplace about road safety.

■Improve observance of traffic rules and obligations when riding a bicycle

Follow traffic rules and the 5 Rules for Safe Bicycle Use (see below).

■Wearing of helmets for elderly riders

If you’re a bicycle rider aged 65 and over, wear a helmet.

Mandatory bicycle liability insurance (to come into force 1 October, 2017)

There have been cases of individuals being required to bear high compensation costs due to bicycle accidents. To protect victims and relieve the financial burden if you are deemed liable to pay damages, take out bicycle liability insurance※.

※Insurance that supplements the compensation to be paid if you cause another individual to be injured or die as a result of a bicycle accident. This is sometimes offered as an add-on provision for car or fire insurance. Check with your current insurance provider if you are already covered under your existing policy.

Do you know the 5 Rules for Safe Bicycle Use?

■Bicycles should be principally on the road, and on the footpath only as an exception

■Bicycles should be on the left on the road

■When on a footpath, give way to pedestrians, and ride slowly, close to the road

■Observe safety rules

・Drinking and riding, two people on one bike, riding two abreast prohibited

・Turn on the light at night

・Strictly observe traffic lights, stop, and check for safety

■Children should wear helmets

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Inquiries: Community Safety Promotion Division, City of Nagoya Civic & Economic Affairs Bureau
Phone: 052-972-3040 (Japanese)

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