Bicycle Riders – Do you have Bicycle Liability Insurance?

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Bicycle Riders – Do you have Bicycle Liability Insurance?


There have recently been numerous cases in which individuals have been ordered to pay high compensation costs after being deemed responsible for causing death or injury as a result of bicycle accidents.
In order to provide protection to victims of bicycle accidents, and relieve the financial burden on individuals deemed liable to pay damages, the City of Nagoya will make bicycle liability insurance mandatory for bicycle users from October 2017.

What is Bicycle Liability Insurance?

Insurance or cooperative insurance (共済) that supplements the compensation to be paid if you cause another person to be injured or die as a result of a bicycle accident. Types of insurance available include personal liability insurance and TS Mark incidental insurance.

☑ Do you have personal liability insurance?

This is insurance which compensates liability incurred not only in bicycle accidents, but everyday situations.
This is sometimes covered by add-on provisions for the types of insurance listed below, so please check. If you are unsure, please consult your current insurance provider.

● Bicycle insurance (自転車保険)

● Automobile insurance (自動車保険)

● Fire insurance (火災保険)

● Various kinds of cooperative insurance (共済) …etc.

☑ Do you have TS Mark incidental insurance? 

TSMark The TS Mark is affixed to your bicycle at a bicycle safety maintenance shop when you purchase a bicycle or have an inspection and maintenance carried out on your bicycle. The TS Mark includes accident insurance and liability insurance, and is valid for one year from the date the bicycle is inspected.


If you aren’t able to tick either of the boxes above, you need to take out bicycle liability insurance.

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Inquiries: Community Safety Promotion Division, City of Nagoya Civic & Economic Affairs Bureau
Phone: 052-972-3040 (Japanese)

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