The City of Nagoya Disaster Preparedness App – Now with new functions!

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Earthquake, flooding… Disaster preparedness information when you need it
The City of Nagoya Disaster Preparedness App – Now with new functions!
地震、洪水…いざという時に役立つ防災情報 名古屋市防災アプリに新機能を追加しました!


What is the City of Nagoya Disaster Preparedness App?

An app that provides information on disasters affecting the City of Nagoya, including the estimated extent of damage, evacuation areas, etc. (The app itself is free; network charges apply.)
Using your phone’s GPS data, the app displays emergency information for your current location by superimposing it over the image from the phone’s camera.


New functions to assist commuters unable to get home

To promote countermeasures for commuters unable to get home due to interruptions to public transport, information on facilities to assist stranded commuters (including Support Stations for Walking Home, Evacuation Facilities, and Temporary Evacuation Spots) can also be viewed using the app. Download the app and be prepared.

 Support Station for Walking Home logo
◆Support Stations for Walking Home (徒歩帰宅支援ステーション)

Places where commuters trying to get home on foot when public transport is unavailable can use toilets, receive tap water, etc.

◆Evacuation Facilities (退避施設)

Facilities that provide refuge (upon confirmation of the safety of the facility) for up to 24 hours after the onset of the emergency, for commuters unable to get home


◆Temporary Evacuation Spot (一時退避場所)

Places where commuters unable to get home can seek temporary refuge until the safety of Evacuation Facilities can be confirmed

Inquiries: Hazard Countermeasures Office, City of Nagoya Disaster Preparedness and Hazard Management Bureau
Phone: 052-972-3526 (Japanese)

Download the app:

iOS       Android




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