FAE 33 – The Foreign Artists Exhibition 33 – Applications close 20 October!

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The Foreign Artists Exhibition 33 – Applications close 20 October!
外国人芸術作品展 ‒ 応募締切は10月20日!


This year’s Foreign Artists Exhibition (FAE 33) will be held from 30 October to 4th November.

Organizers (Central Japan International Society, CJIS) are looking for creative artists working in a wide variety of media — from oil painting to sculpture; pottery to photography; watercolors to woodblock prints; and graphic design to commercial illustration, etc. We also include such media as ceramics, origami, computer design (supply your own hardware), installation art, wood-carving, etching, orimono, model-making, oshibana, tie-dye shibori, acrylics, and graphite drawing in our list of fine-art media.

Guidelines and Application Forms (in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese) can be downloaded here, or requested by contacting CJIS (see below).

Inquiries: Please contact CJIS (E-mail: nagoyafae@hotmail.com; Fax: [052]774 0483)

(※Please note that Nagoya International Center does not accept FAE applications nor respond to inquries regarding the Exhibition.)

Applications close 20 October.


(Supported by Nagoya International Center)

A selection of work from last year’s exhibition, FAE 32


 See photos of works from previous FAEs



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