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The Manaca is an easy to use and very convenient travel pass and smart card rolled into one!

Manaca cards became available for use and purchase from Friday, February 11, 2011. The sale of Yurika and Transpass cards ended on February 10, 2011, and became invalid after February 29, 2012.



Key Features 特長

  1. Speed through the ticket gate
    Just touch the station ticket gate screen or bus’s payment box with the Manaca card to pay for your ride.
  2. Both a commuter pass and a pay-as-you-go card
    Even if you have registered your Manaca as a commuter pass between 2 stations and travel to another station the automatic ticket gate calculates the additional fare needed and debits your card.
  3. Buy a Manaca Commuter Pass at any subway station
  4. Not just a subway pass!
    Use the Manaca on City buses, Meitetsu trains & buses, the Aonami Line, the Yutorito Line, and the Toyohashi Railway. From Spring 2012 you will also be able to use the card on JR lines in the JR Tokai Area.
  5. Get Mileage Points
    Points gained can be changed to card credit
  6. Transfer and Save Money
    Transfer between a subway, train, or bus in a 90-minute period and get an 80 Yen discount on your fare (40 Yen for children).
  7. Smart Card, Smart Money
    Use your Manaca to pay for purchases at stores (located inside subway stations) and vending machines displaying the Manaca logo.
  8. No Need to Worry
    If you get a card registered in your name you can easily get it reissued if you lose it.
  9. Environmentally Friendly
    Once you have used all the credit on your Manaca you can easily recharge it and reuse it again and again.

Types of Manaca マナカの種類

■Non-registered Manaca無記名式マナカ (mukimei manaca)


  • Can be used by anyone
  • 500 Yen deposit is required upon purchase.
  • Can be changed to a Registered Manaca card or Manaca Commuter Pass
  • If lost cannot be reissued.
  • sold at ticket vending machines in stations and on buses
Non-registered Manaca 無記名式マナカ

■Registered Manaca 記名式マナカ (kimeishiki manaca)


  • Can only be used by the registered owner.
  • 500 Yen deposit is required upon purchase.
  • The name, DOB, sex, and phone number of the user are registered.
  • Fare credit and mileage points can be redeemed if the card is lost and has to be reissued.
  • The card can be upgraded to a Manaca Commuter Pass
  • The card can not be changed to a non-registered card.
  • Can be purchased at all subway stations using the Manaca ticket machine.
Registered Manaca 記名式マナカ

■Manaca Commuter Passマナカ 定期券 (manaca teikiken)
Same as a Registered Manaca card but a user can save money if they travel regularly between 2 locations in the Manaca area. Even if you travel to another station the automatic ticket gate calculates the additional fare needed and debits your card.

Manaca Commuter Pass マナカ 定期券

■Child Manaca 小児用マナカ (shōji-yō)- available for elementary school children. Valid until the end of the school year. Health insurance card of similar ID needed when registering.


■Discount Manaca 割引用マナカ (waribiki-yō manaca)
A special Manaca card, called the Waribiki-yo Manaca 割引用マナカ, for holders of the Physically Disabled Persons’ Handbook身体障害者手帳or Mentally Disabled Persons’ Health & Welfare Handbook愛護手帳 is also available.

Manaca Mileage Points

Manaca users also earn mileage points based on what service they use, how much, and at what time they commute during a calendar month. Points are awarded on the 10th of the following month and can be converted into card credit at Manaca charging machines located at subway stations. Just press the “ポイント還元” button. Points can be redeemed in increments of 10 Yen.

Adult Manaca Points for City Subway and Bus

Travel Time



Points awarded as % of usage

Weekdays- except 10:00 – 16:00 Subways& Buses Over 15,000 Yen 13%
10,000 – 14,999 Yen 12.5%
5000 – 9999 Yen 12%
2000 – 4999 Yen 10%
Weekdays 10:00 – 16:00Weekends & Holidays Subways Over 2000 Yen 20%
Buses Over 2000 Yen 30%

Different rates apply for Child & Discount Manaca cards


An adult commuting on weekday at 09:00 and 17:00, and spending 9200 Yen on their monthly commute would earn 1104 Yen worth of mileage points (12% of their usage total).

The same adult also commutes on weekends using a City bus – spending 3200 Yen and earning 960 Yen worth of mileage points (30% of their usage total).

Points are calculated differently for users of Meitetsu train and buses. Points are awarded by the total amount you spend and points are also awarded for the number of times you commute in a month. Bonus points can also be earned by commuting on an Meitetsu bus. For example – a commuter users Meitetsu trains 22 times a month (11 return trips) and spends a total of 12,240 Yen. The commuter will earn a total of 750 points.

*Be aware that if you commute on the Tsurumai Line or Kami-iida Line, points will be split between Meitetsu and the Subway calculations and calculated differently if you travel beyond Kamiotai , Akaike, and Kamiiida. 

Key Vocabulary

  • SF(現金)Stored Fare (credit)
  • SF(ポイント) Stored Fare mileage points


For more information on Manaca, please see the City of Nagoya Transportation Bureau website.

To learn more about the Nagoya International Center,
please watch our video.

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