New Garbage Regulations for Nagoya City

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Take care when sorting out burnable, unburnable, and recyclables.

The following 3 changes will come into effect from Friday, April 1, 2011:

1) Plastic buckets (ポリバケツ) made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) ポリエチレン, CD & DVD cases, plastic toys, video tapes, beach balls, and similar items will now be collected as burnable refuse (previously non-burnable).

However, anything showing the mark will be collected with the plastic recyclables, and anything showing the PET mark will be collected with the PETrecyclables.

Anything with a large amount of metal parts or moving parts will still be collected as unburnable

2)Unburnable refuse will be collected once a month (previously once-a-week). Collection days will change for all areas.

3)Plastic recyclables will be collected from in front of each household / apartment (previously at your neighbourhood recycle station). Collection days may also change for some areas.

All households in Nagoya will receive a new “refuse collection day schedule” 町名別収集日一覧 during March. Check your mail box. Find your area name (the first part of your address after the “Ku”) and read across to find your new refuse collection days.

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