TOICA – The Handy JR Pass

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TOICA (トイカ) is the name JR Central’s rechargeable contactless smart card ticketing system. The name is the acronym of “TOkai Ic CArd”. Using TOICA means that you don’t have to buy a ticket each time you travel – the ticket gate automatically calculates your fare! The cards can be repeatedly charged up and can also be used from in-station stores and vending machines.

Area エリアについて
TOICA is currently accepted on JR Central lines in the following area.

  • on the Tōkaidō Line, between Kannami (Shizuoka Pref.) and Sekigahara (Gifu Pref.)
  • on the Chūō Line, between Nagoya and Nakatsugawa (Gifu Pref.)
  • on the Kansai Line, between Nagoya and Yokkaichi (Mie Pref.)
  • on the Taketoyo Line between Ōbu and Taketoyo
  • on the Iida Line between Toyohashi and Toyokawa
  • on the Taita Line (Gifu Pref.) between Tajimi and Mino Ōta
  • on the Takayama Line (Gifu Pref.) between Gifu and Mino Ōta
  • on the Minobu Line (Shizuoka Pref.) between Fuji and Nish Fuji
  • on the Gotenba Line (Shizuoka Pref.) between Numazu and Gotenba

How to use ご利用方法
Simply touch the TOICA screen (see left) with your pass as you go through the ticket gates. The gate will beep once and let you through. You can even leave the card in a pass case.

However, be aware that the gate won’t let you through if you have more than one TOICA card in your pass case.

How to Buy 自動改札機のご利用方法
A TOICA card costs 2000 Yen, 500 Yen of which is a refundable deposit – which can be claimed if you decide to return your card. Cards can be purchased from JR Ticket machines showing the TOICA logo. On the menu screen press the ENGLISH button located in the top right corner then select the TOICA logo is the bottom left corner to take you to the main TOICA menu.

There are 4 menu choices available:

- Purchase a New IC Card
– Charge to IC Card
– Change to IC Commuter Pass
– Renew IC Commuter Pass

At ticket machines displaying the TOICA logo, an ordinary commuter pass can easily be upgraded to a TOICA IC commuter pass; it is also possible to renew TOICA IC commuter passes at these machines. The TOICA IC Commuter Pass (定期券 teiki-ken) is a TOICA card for use along a route between two designated stations. Even if you travel to or from station outside of your designated zone, the automatic ticket gate calculates the additional fare needed and debits your card when you exit the ticket gate.

Child cards (for elementary school students) are also available. As a form of ID is required to issue these cards, they can only be purchased from a ticket counter. Child cards are valid until March 31 of the year the child graduates from elementary school.

How to Charge Up a Card チャージ

  • Put your TOICA card into a JR ticket machine or fare adjustment machine displaying the TOICA logo, or TOICA charge machine (see right).
  • Insert cash. Cards can be charged to a maximum of 20,000 Yen.
  • Select the amount you want to put on the card and push the corresponding button.

Usage History履歴確認
The TOICA charge machines and ticket machines displaying the TOICA logo also allow you to display and print out your usage history and keep a track of your travel costs. However for TOICA IC commuter passes, travel records are not displayed for travel made within the card’s designated area.

A TOICA card can also be used in shops and convenience stores displaying the TOICA mark (see left), as well as at kiosks and vending machines located within JR stations. In shops simply show your TOICA card to the teller at the checkout and touch your card onto the TOICA pad. For vending machines select your purchase then touch your card onto the TOICA pad.

To learn more about the Nagoya International Center,
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