How Japanese Income Tax is Calculated

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The example below is for informational purposes only and may vary. Please consult a tax professional for your individual requirements.
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Can you help me?

Q: Can you help me? Can you explain the income tax withholding statement?

A: The “kyuyo-shotoku-gensen-choshu-hyo” (給与所得源泉徴収票) or “income tax withholding statement” can be obtained from your place of work.

Statements for the previous tax year are usually available in January each year. An example for Mr. Nic Smith is shown below:

Income Tax Withholding Statement Key
A) Total salary earned during the year
B) Income after employment income deduction
C) Total fixed-rate exemptions
D) Income tax withheld at source
E) Marital status and spousal exemption
F) Number of dependents in each category; specific dependents (16 – 22 year old relatives), elderly dependents (70 and over), others (includes children).
G) Fixed Rate Exemptions (social insurance, life insurance, accident / injury insurance, mortgage, spouse’s income, personal pension, long-term accident insurance.)
H) Employer’s name and address

For a comprehensive list of relevant material in English on the National Tax Agency’s website, click here.


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