Wanted! NIC Disaster Language Volunteers

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If a major natural disaster occurs in Nagoya City, language volunteers will be present at ward offices and evacuation centers in affected areas to interpret information for non-Japanese speaking foreign nationals that are in need of help. If you are interested in becoming a Nagoya International Center registered language volunteer contact NIC’s Exchange and Cooperation Section at Tel:052-581-5689 or e-mail vol@nic-nagoya.or.jp.

  • Requirements: Volunteers need to be 18 or over, be able to communicate in both Japanese and a foreign language, and must either currently live, work, or, study in the Nagoya area.
  • Volunteer Activities: If a strong earthquake (5-upper or above on the Japan Meteorological Agency seismic intensity “Shindo” scale) occurs in Nagoya City, volunteers present themselves to their pre-designated location (e.g. ward office). Volunteers are also dispatched 72 hours or more after the start of a disaster if requested by the Nagoya International Center.

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