Disposing of Large Size Garbage in Nagoya City 

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Large-sized garbage or sodai gomi 粗大ごみ is waste larger than 30 x 30 x 30 cm and if requested can be collected by Nagoya City for a fee. Other cities have similar systems. Your local government will not collect PC hard drives, laptops, PC monitors, air conditioners, regular TVs, refrigerators, or washing machines (see below).

  • How Much
    • 250 Yen includes (but not limited to) futons, printers, wood and plywood, video and tape players, rice cookers, light fixtures, dining chairs, TV stands, child’s tricycles, suitcases, and vacuum cleaners.
    • 500 Yen includes (but not limited to) audio equipment, single-seater lounge chairs, bicycles, and heated carpets.
    • 1000 Yen includes (but not limited to) furniture upto 120cm high x 90cm wide, microwave ovens, and mattresses.
    • 1500 Yen includes (but not limited to) furniture larger than 120cm high x 90cm wide and beds (excluding mattress).
  • Apply over the phone: Service hours are 09:00 to 17:00, weekdays only. Call at least a week ahead of the scheduled day of collection to the toll-free hotline @ 0120-758-530 (Japanese only) to make a reservation. Make sure to write down the application number you are given and ask when and where to place the items. You can also apply via a Nagoya International Center interpreter by using the NIC’s Trio-Phone service at 052-581-6112.
  • Apply online: You can also apply online up to 10 working days before your area’s monthly sodai gomi pick up date. You apply for up to 10 items at a time. The price you need to pay is automatically calculated and you will be sent an application number and total cost in a confirmation e-mail. You cannot apply via a mobile phone. Website address: www.nagoya-sodaigomi.jp/gomi/
  • How to Pay: At a convenience store purchase an appropriate sticker, called a sodai-gomi tesuryo-nofuken 粗大ごみ手数料納付券, for each item. Put out the items by 08:00 on the day of collection; make sure a sticker is attached to each item as well as your name and application number is written on each sticker.

The Household Appliance Recycling Law

Under the Household Appliance Recycling Law air conditioners, televisions (CRT models), refrigerators, freezers, washing machines and driers are collected by electrical appliance retail distributors for a fee. Either request disposal from an appliance retailer (a recycling fee and handling fee will be required), at the store where you are buying your new appliance or the store where you bought the old one (many appliance retailers will collect appliances regardless of whether it was purchased there or not), or take the appliance yourself to a designated commercial disposal location (contact the environmental affairs office of the ward in which you reside for more details). The recycling fee for an air conditioner is 3,675 Yen, TV (2835 Yen), refrigerator (4830 Yen), washing machine (2520 Yen); collection fees differ between retailers.

Recycle Shops

For information about the disposal of dysfunctional PC hard drives, laptops, PC monitors, please visit the offending unit’s manufacturer’s web site. Alternatively, if you have large items that are still functional you may consider selling them rather than paying a disposal fee.

Finding Your Large-sized Garbage Collection Day

  • Go to the Nagoya City website – Refuse Collection Schedule (by Ward) – in  Japanese
    • Select your ward
    • Select your first letter of your cho or chome address (a, k, s, t, n, h, m, y, r, w)
    • Find you address & chome
    • Look in the 粗大ごみ column for your monthly collection date
      • Example 第3 木 = 3rd Thursday of the month


For up-to-date information on garbage disposal and recycling, see the Nagoya City Garbage Reduction and Recycling Guide.

Household Appliance Recycling Law

To learn more about the Nagoya International Center,
please watch our video.

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