STD Tests in Nagoya

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Q: Is there a clinic in Nagoya where I can get an STD test in English?

A: There are both public and private clinics that offer services in English (directly or through an interpreter)

Option 1
At the Nagoya City Seishonen Bunka Center in the Nadya Park Building (2nd and 4th Sundays only) same-day results can be obtained, but reservations are required. For details on how to make a reservation, please refer to the Nagoya City web page (Japanese) or the Sakae Sun Sun Site test & counselling room website (English).

Option 2
A free and anonymous AIDS test is available at your local public health center. It takes about a week to receive the results and you must return to the health center, on average about one week later, to get them; you will not be told over the phone. Details for your local Nagoya City Public Health Center can be found on the Nagoya City website.

When making enquiries to or visiting the health center, please do so through someone who can speak Japanese, or use Nagoya International Center’s interpretation service “Trio-Phone”.

At a Private Clinic
Most major city hospitals have a Urology (hinyoukika) department and there are several specialist STD and urology clinics in and around Nagoya that have services in English. You can use one of the two options below to find a clinic.

  • The Aichi Medical Information System provides an on-line searchable directory of hospitals and clinics that provide medical treatment in various foreign languages.
  • A full list of other English-speaking hospitals in Nagoya with a urology department is available at the Nagoya International Center Information Counter.

Useful Vocabulary

  • AIDS (eizu) エイズ
  • Blood test (ketsueki kensa) 血液検査
  • Blood (ketsueki) 血液
  • Blood type (ketsueki gata) 血液型
  • Chlamydia (kuramijia)クラミジア
  • Dermatology & Urology Clinic (hifu hinyoukika) 皮膚泌尿器科
  • Diagnosis (shindan) 診断
  • Disease (byouki) 病気
  • Gonorrhoea (rin-byo) 淋病
  • Herpes (herupesu) ヘルペス
  • Sexual intercourse (seikou) 性交
  • STD (seibyou ) 性病
  • STD Clinic (seibyouka) 性病科
  • Symptoms (Shoujou) 症状
  • Syphilis (baidoku) 梅毒
  • Urology Clinic (hinyoukika) 泌尿器科

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