Allowances for Child-Rearing 2011 / 12

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The central government provides a monthly allowance of 13,000 Yen for every child of middle school age or younger (regardless of nationality) in Japan during the 2011 / 12 fiscal year.

The allowance has been extended up until March 31, 2012.

- There is no income limitation on households receiving the benefits.

- Only children that are registered with their local municipality and born after April 2, 1995 will be eligible

- Those with Temporary Visitor status or those who are staying illegally will not be eligible.

- Each household will receive 13,000 Yen per month per eligible child* (may change from October 1, 2011)

Each local municipality (including Nagoya City) will be responsible for distributing the allowances, and the distribution period and method will vary depending upon the local municipality. For Nagoya City, monthly allowances will be paid consolidated together out in lump sums in June (2 months worth), October (4 months worth), February (4 months worth), and June 2011 (2 months worth).

Changes to the Child Benefits System from October 10月以降子ども手当制度につて

Up until September 2011 all children aged 15 or under (born after April 2, 1996) that met the eligibility requirements – including those children living abroad – were entitled to receive child-rearing payments. However from October 1, with the exception of those children abroad for study purposes (see below), children that are not currently resident in Japan will not be eligible to receive child-rearing payments.

Applying for Children who are studying abroad. Does your child qualify?

  • The child has lived in Japan for at least 3 consecutive years.
  • The child is living abroad away from parents for the purpose of study.
  • The child’s total stay abroad is less than 3 years.

If your child is abroad and meets these conditions they will still be eligible to receive the allowance if you submit a letter from the foreign school showing proof of enrollment (translated into Japanese by a Japan based third-party translator) along with proof of residency in Japan (school records or copy of alien registration card) to the child care section (民生子ども課 ) of your ward office’s welfare division.

Families that have a new-born (both for the first time or as an addition) or have moved to Nagoya need to apply at their local ward office in order to receive child-rearing payments.

When applying you will need to bring health insurance certificates for all children in your family aged 18 or under (born after April 2, 1993), as well as your bank book, cash card, and inkan (if you have one). After application, parents will be able to receive the allowance from the following month.

Even if your child is registered with your ward office / city hall, depending upon your municipality additional paperwork may be required. Don’t miss out.

If you have trouble understanding Japanese whilst at the ward office, you can ask the staff to call the Nagoya International Center’s “Torio-hon” three-way call civic interpreter service at 052-581-6112 (Mon – Fri 09:00 – 17:00)