Bicycle Registration

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The benefits are simple:- If your bicycle is stolen it is more likely to be found.
– the police are well-known for on-the-spot registration checks and being caught riding a bicycle that is not registered in your name can land you in hot water.
– if your bicycle is confiscated because it was illegally parked you will probably be notified by the relevant authority and you will find it a whole lot easier to claim back.

bike_regHow to Register
New Bicycles – Bicycle shops, big chain stores that sell bicycles (like Jusco, Apita, and Sports Authority), and most home centers provide a bicycle registration service, allowing you to register your bicycle in your name with the prefectural police. The Japanese term for this is jitensha-bohan-toroku (自転車防犯登録), literally meaning bicycle anti-theft registration. When you buy a new bicycle the retailer can register your bicycle at the time of purchase. The retailer will put a police registration seal on the bicycle and hand you a registration card.

Second Hand Bicycles – If you buy or receive a second hand bicycle from an individual, make sure you receive the bicycle’s existing registration card, and then visit a bicycle shop or home center and have it re-registered; you don’t need to show the bicycle, only the registration card. Do not accept a second-hand bicycle if it doesn’t have a registration card.

Registration only costs 500 Yen; applicants need to show a form of ID (Alien Registration Card for example) that can confirm their name and address. The bicycle should be re-registered if you change address.

Key Vocabulary

Bicycle – 自転車 – jitensha
Bicycle anti-theft registration – 自転車防犯登録 – jitensha-bohan-toroku

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