Nagoya City Garbage Collection

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In Nagoya, the system of garbage sorting and collection is strictly categorized.

Place garbage bags at specified places by the specified time as is detailed below. Specified plastic bags (Burnable refuse, Non-Burnable refuse, & Recyclable Refuse) can be purchased at supermarkets and convenience stores. Pamphlets about the garbage sorting system are available in 5 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese & Korean) at the 3F Information Service Corner of the Nagoya International Center.

Taking a few seconds to think about and separate your garbage could reduce your burnable and un-burnable garbage by as much as 20%! For example an empty water bottle can be recycled efficiently – cap (plastic), label (plastic), bottle (PET).

☆Nagoya City burnable, non-burnable, recyclable, and large garbage collection days (in Japanese)

Depending on each household/ station collection. Bags should be out by 08:00  (by 07:00 in Naka Ward)

The linked pages below are in 3 sections -

  • First section – burnable 可燃
  • Second Section – non-burnable 不燃
  • Third Section – recyclable 資源

Chikusa WardHigashi WardKita WardNishi WardNakamura WardNaka Ward

Showa WardMizuho WardAtusta WardNakagawa WardMinato WardMinami Ward

Moriyama WardMidori WardMeito WardTempaku Ward

☆Refuse (Burnable refuse/ Non Burnable refuse)



Collection method


Burnable refuse

garden refuse, vegetable matter, kitchen waste. Clothing, waste paper, paper diapers, etc. Waste made from synthetic fibers, artificial leather, and rubber will be collected with other burnable refuse. Plastic buckets (ポリバケツ) made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) ポリエチレン, CD & DVD cases, plastic toys, video tapes, beach balls, and similar items.

Twice a week.

Each household puts out the specified plastic garbage bag.

Non-Burnable refuse

Refuse smaller than 30x30x30 cm, and refuse that is incombustible.

Plastics, glass, rubber products, ceramics, small-sized metal products, spray cans, cassette-type gas (containers) bottles, etc.

Once a month.

Each household puts out the specified plastic garbage bag.

Dispose of spray cans and cassette-type gas containers separately.* see below

☆Collection of Dangerous Flammable Items (From June 1, 2010)

- Collected twice a week on same days as burnable refuse.

- Put in a specified plastic bag for recyclable waste (although any clear, transparent plastic bag is acceptable).

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