Japanese Pensions

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National Pension Scheme

  • Who is eligible: All residents of Japan aged 20 to 59 are required to join the National Pension program, regardless of nationality.
  • How to enroll: If you are self-employed, helping with housework at home, a student, or are not regularly employed, go to the Health Insurance and Pension Division of your local ward office or branch office. If you have joined the Employees’ Welfare Pension Insurance, you are automatically enrolled in the National Pension, so no application is necessary.
  • Premium: You can pay your premium by using the Payment Notice mailed by the Social Insurance Agency or by bank transfer. If you pay the premium for the entire year (or a specified period) in advance, your premium will be reduced by a certain percentage.
  • Pension provisions: You will receive a pension in the following cases, provided that you have satisfied certain qualifications. For details, contact the Health Insurance and Pension Division of the ward office or its branch.
    *Attainment of pension age: Elderly Pension (Rorei Kiso Nenkin)
    *Disability: Disability Pension (Shogai Kiso Nenkin) *Death of insured: Survivor’s Pension or a lump-sum payment (Izoku Kiso Nenkin)

Employees’ Welfare Pension Insurance
Your place of work can enroll you in the Employees’ Welfare Pension Insurance and after working for at least 25 years, you will receive pension you are entitled to.

  • Who is eligible: Regular employees of a company
  • Premium: The premium is determined according to the wage of the insured, and is split between the company and the insured.
  • Pension payments: The pension payment is added to any payment provided by the National Pension Insurance .
  • *Attainment of pension age: Elderly Pension (Rorei Kosei Nenkin)
  • *Disability: Disability Pension (Shogai Kosei Nenkin)
  • *Death of insured: Survivor’s Pension (Izoku Kosei Nenkin)

Withdrawing from the Pension Program
Conditions, application procedures, and address are same as those for the National Pension Insurance.
However, a 20 percent income tax is imposed on the payment for the Employees’ Pension Insurance. Claims for tax refunds can be made at the local tax office in the ward you resided in. Before leaving Japan, please submit a “notification of tax agent” (available at your local tax office) and designate someone to act on your behalf.
Amount of lump-sum payment: The amount paid is the multiple of the standard monthly compensation (pre-determined according to the monthly wage) for the period the employee is enrolled in the Employees’ Welfare Pension Insurance times the rate (which differs with the length of enrollment).

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