Making the Most out of Nagoya City Sports Facilities

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Nagoya City municipal sports facilities can be used for various sports and other purposes. There are over 130 municipal sports facilities – including sports centers (with volleyball, badminton, basketball, and futsal courts), tennis courts, baseball fields, athletic fields, football and rugby fields, gateball fields, and baseball stadiums. A full list of available facilities is available on line (in English) on the City of Nagoya website –

Example Costs

Compared to private clubs and facilities, Nagoya’s municipal sports facilities can be rented at a very reasonable rate if used for amateur sports or public recreational use. There is no change in costs for weekends or holidays!

  • A badminton court at Chikusa Sports Center’s #1 Arena from 09:00 – 12:00 costs 1800 Yen.
  • A basketball / volleyball court at Chikusa Sports Center’s #1 Arena from 18:00 – 21:00 costs 3400 Yen.
  • To rent the entire #1 Arena at Chikusa Sports Center from 15:00 – 18:00 costs only 8900 Yen!
  • A tennis court at Meijo Tennis Courts in Kita Ward from 15:00 – 17:00 costs1000 Yen.
  • The football pitch at the Tsurumai Athletic Ground in Naka Ward from 17:30 – 21:30 costs 4700 Yen + lighting costs.
  • The Chikusa Koen Baseball Ground in Chikusa Ward from 08:30 – 12:00 costs 1900 Yen

If you would like to use a facility for a game with friends or colleagues, the person reserving the facility has to first pre-register. User registration applications are free and are accepted at each facility or at the Sports Information Center (located opposite the Nippon Gaishi Arena in Kasadera). On registration you will receive a user number and PIN. You can then reserve a sports facility for use either in person at the facility or on the Internet (some facilities excluded). There are no registration or annual membership fees.

Reserving a Facility Through Lottery

The usage of courts and facilities are first filled by lottery:

  • For the exclusive use of an arena or facility (全面専用) – you can enter the usage lottery between January 1 – 19 (for April to September) and July 1 to July 19 (for October to March).
  • For a tennis court, part of an arena (example badminton court), baseball ground etc (一部専用) – you can enter the usage lottery held 2 months before your desired month.
  • Payment of rental fees decided by lottery can be made by direct debit or in cash.
  • Full details about the lottery and payment is available here –

Reserving Available Facilities on a First-Come Basis

Any facilities not taken during the lottery are available on a first-come basis and usage fees can be paid in cash on the day (except Shonai Green Plaza).

You can check the availability of facilities and reserve them on-line on the Nagoya City Sports and Recreation Information System website (08:00 – 24:00) – The interface is all in Japanese as shown below in steps 1 to 3.

Step 1 – Select items ① to ⑥ then press the start search button ⑦.


  • ①Select activity (tennis, rugby, etc)
  • ②Requested Date
  • ③This date only (default)
  • ④This date and the next day
  • ⑤Time Slot (select 全供用 for all) – required information
  • ⑥Area / Ward (select 全地域 for all)
  • ⑦Start Search

Step 2 – If any facilities are open, a list of available facilities will appear.

If you have registered to use the system you can now go ahead and reserve a place by selecting the 予約画面へ button. The example search results (below) are for a badminton court on September 1.

Step 3

The confirmation page will show your requested place, time, and total cost. The example (below) is for badminton at Nakamura Sport Center #1 Arena from 09:00 – 12:00 with a total cost of 1800 Yen.

Enter your user number (利用者番号) and user PIN # (暗証番号) and select the “予約するReserve button”.

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