Manaca & TOICA Tie Up Means Convenience for Travelers

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Manaca (マナカ) is the travel pass and smart card operated by the Nagoya City Transportation Bureau and Meitetsu, and TOICA (トイカ) is the JR Central equivalent. From Saturday, April 21, commuters will be able to use Manaca マナカIC cards at the 148 stations operated by JR Tokai. TOICA card users will also be able to use their cards at the 390 stations and 1639 bus services that currently use Manaca IC cards. The tie-up covers movement through ticket gates, use of charge machines & ticket machines, travel history, and from the spring of 2013 “smart money” (planned). However the tie-up will not cover Manaca mileage points.

Manaca is currently accepted on Nagoya City subways & buses, Meitetsu trains & buses, the Aonami Line, the Yutorito Line, and the Toyohashi Railway.

TOICA is currently accepted on JR Central lines in the following areas:

  •     on the Tōkaidō Line, between Kannami (Shizuoka Pref.) and Sekigahara (Gifu Pref.).
  •     on the Chūō Line, between Nagoya and Nakatsugawa (Gifu Pref.).
  •     on the Kansai Line, between Nagoya and Yokkaichi (Mie Pref.).
  •     on the Taketoyo Line between Ōbu and Taketoyo.
  •     on the Iida Line between Toyohashi and Toyokawa.
  •     on the Taita Line (Gifu Pref.) between Tajimi and Mino Ōta.
  •     on the Takayama Line (Gifu Pref.) between Gifu and Mino Ōta.
  •     on the Minobu Line (Shizuoka Pref.) between Fuji and Nishi Fujinomiya.
  •     on the Gotenba Line (Shizuoka Pref.) between Numazu and Gotenba.

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