Nagoya to Azerbaijan

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Nagoya to Azerbaijan

A Tale of A Blossoming Friendship
After attending the 2005 Aichi World Expo Tarana Huseynova wanted to bring a piece of Japan back with her to her native Azerbaijan. A Japanese woman that Tarana met at the Expo took the idea a step further and in April 2006 sent 10 cherry saplings to her in Azerbaijan.

kimono2The saplings were nurtured and soon acclimatized to the Southern Caucasus climate and began to grow. A Japanese garden was built around the saplings and, in March 2008, the saplings have blossomed for the first time. As well as a source of pride for the Azerbaijanis, the trees have given birth to the Sakura Azerbaijan-Japan Organization and are a symbol of friendship between the two countries. In March a further 40 samplings were sent from Japan.

The work or the organization made it possible for a group of Japanese to visit Azerbaijan in May 2007. A group of Azerbaijanis also visited Nagoya in March 2008 and enjoyed an Azerbaijan-style tea ceremony under the cherry blossoms. Future plans include another hanami party, but it will be a distinctly Japanese-style tea ceremony – under the cherry blossoms in Baku, Azerbaijan.

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