Updating Your Residence Card

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201279 から新しい在留管理制度が始まります -
A new residency management system for foreign residents starts on July 9, 2012.  Once you’ve got your new card where should you go to update it.  A handy reference guide to when & where to update your Residence Card.Your questions are answered here.

Image courtesy of the Immigration Bureau of Japan

Reporting Changes 新たな在留管理手続きの流れ

Notification of (or change of) place of residence

If you change address you will be required to register your new place of residence at the office of the city, ward, town or village where you reside within 14 days of moving in your residence.

Under the revision of the Basic Resident Registration Law foreign residents will be now listed along with Japanese residents on the Basic Resident Registration (住民基本台帳).

Foreign residents will now be required to notify their municipality before they move to another ward, town, or city and obtain a “move-out certificate ”転出証明書before moving to (and registering at) a new municipality. This is the same procedure Japanese residents go through when they change their address.


Procedure at a Regional Immigration Bureau
If you change your name, nationality / region, date of birth, or sex you will be required to report change in person at the nearest regional immigration bureau or within 14 days of the change.

You will also be required to report the below changes in person to the nearest regional immigration bureau or by sending a notification to the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau within 14 days of the change:

  •  Changes to the organization (employer or educational institution) to which you belong – only if it is the basis of your status of residence as an employee or student (for example “Engineer”). This includes if you change school or employer, or your organization changes its name or address.
  • Changes to your marital status (through divorce or death) – only if you are married and hold a residence status based on your marital status. This includes the following 4 statuses -  “Dependent”, “Spouse or Child of Japanese National” , “Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident”, and “Designated Activities”.

Residence Card Update Applications在留カードの更新申請

A permanent resident or a foreign resident in Japan younger than 16 years old whose residence card’s validity expires on their 16th birthday is advised to apply for a renewal of the validity period of the residence card at a Regional Immigration Bureau before the expiration date.

  • Permanent residents can apply within two months of the expiration date. A foreign resident younger than 16 years old can apply within six months of their 16th birthday.
  • For other card holders a new residence card will be issued after extending or changing status of residence.

Residence Card Re-issuance Applications 在留カードの再交付申請

If your residence card is lost, stolen, severely damaged, or defaced, you are required to apply for reissuance at a Regional Immigration Bureau. For lost or stolen cards apply within 14 days of loss (or from the day when you re-enter Japan in case you noticed it outside Japan). If your residence card is severely damaged or defaced, be sure to apply for reissuance as soon as possible.

Further Information
The Ministry of Justice has released a detailed guide to the new immigration system. The guide is available in Japanese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and Chinese (simplified & traditional). www.immi-moj.go.jp/newimmiact_1/

Where to Go. Your Regional Immigration Office

Immigration Information Center
Offers consultations on matters related to visas. Inquiries may be made either in person or over the phone.

  • Tel: 0570-013904
  • Languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean

Nagoya Regional Immigration Bureau & Information Center (Minato Ku) 名古屋入国管理局

  • Open: 09:00 -16:00 (closed weekends & national holidays).
  • Access:1 minute walk from Nagoya Keibajo-mae Station (AN07) 名古屋競馬場前; 13 minutes and 260 Yen from Nagoya Station on the Aonami Lineあおなみ線.

Other Branch Offices in the Region
Service Counters 09:00 – 12:00 & 13:00 – 16:00 (closed weekends & national holidays).

  • Toyohashi Port Branch Office 豊橋港出張所
    • Access: JR Toyohashi (West Exit) – take a bus bound for Nishi-futō Kita 西ふ頭北 – get off at 港湾合同庁舎 kōwan-gōtōchōsha
    • Map: http://g.co/maps/wb8ce
  • Yokkaichi Port Branch Office 四日市港出張所
    • Access: From Kintetsu or JR Yokkaichi Stations take bus #93, 94, 95, or 96 to Yokkaichi Ko 四日市港
    • Map: http://g.co/maps/uzaer
  • Gifu Branch Office 岐阜出張所 (New location from March 2012)
    • Access: From JR Gifu Station (bus stop #10) or Meitetsu Shin Gifu Station (bus stop #5) take a bus to Shimin-kaikan-saibanshomae 市民会館裁判所前.
    • Map: http://g.co/maps/wdzem
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