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Manaca travel pass cards were introduced in the Nagoya area in 2011, last year holders of manaca and TOICA cards benefited when the cards became compatible with each other. From March 2013 the smart card travel passes of ten of the nation’s regional rail and transportation companies will become compatible with each other.

The tie-up will affect around 80 million users and covers movement through ticket gates, use of charge machines & ticket machines, travel history, and “smart money*”! As a result, it will be possible to travel on almost all trains, subways, and buses in most of Japan’s largest cities with just one of these cards.

With just one smart card travel pass commuters will be able to use rail and buses across Japan in the areas covered by the ten of the nation’s smart cards.

Affected Areas

The tie-up covers 4275 stations and 21,450 buses across Japan from Hokkaido to Kyushu.**

  • The ”Kitaca” area covers 55 stations operated by JR Hokkaido in the Sapporo area.
  • The ”PASMO” area covers 1212 stations and 14,800 buses operated by non JR railway companies in the Tokyo region.
  • The ”Suica” area covers 811 stations and 532 buses operated by JR East in the Kanto region, and Sendai & Niigata areas.
  • The ”manaca” area covers 379 stations and 1618 buses operated by the Nagoya City Transportation Bureau and Meitetsu
  • The ”TOICA” area covers 149 stations operated by JR Tokai.
  • The ”PiTaPa” area covers 860 stations and 1300 buses in the Kansai Region around Osaka as well as some services in Shizuoka and Okayama.
  • The ”ICOCA” area covers 430 stations operated by JR West.
  • The ”Hayakaken” area covers 35 stations operated by the Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau.
  • The ”nimoca” area covers 72 stations and 3200 buses in Fukuoka and Oita Prefectures.
  • The ”SUGOCA “area covers 272 stations operated by JR Kyushu.


Smart Money

Smart travel cards from NINE of the companies can be used as a smart money card (PiTaPa uses a different system) in shops and convenience stores displaying one of the card logos (see map), as well as at kiosks and vending machines located within stations. In shops simply show your smart card to the teller at the checkout and touch your card onto the smart card pad. For vending machines select your purchase, then touch your card onto the smart card pad.

The tie-up covers 198,750 stores, kiosks, and vending machines across Japan from Hokkaido to Kyushu!

** as of December 1, 2012

If you commute regularly and don’t have a Manaca card, getting one is easy. There is an easy-to-understand guide on our website. We also have a guide to getting a TOICA card.

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