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Sunday Service at City of Nagoya Ward and Branch Offices

In order to provide greater accessibility to services for residents, service is available at ward and branch offices on predetermined Sundays.

The First JLPT in 2019 (July)

Applications for the July JLPT close on 22 April, so if you’re thinking of sitting the examination, it’s time to get your application together.

Nagoya City Public Elementary School Enrollment Applications

If you live in Nagoya City and would like your child to attend a Nagoya City public elementary school from April 2019, you can apply at your local ward office’s Residents’ Affairs Division.

About Municipal Kindergartens

Some basic information on Nagoya City-operated kindergartens

Useful Japanese: Summer

Some useful Japanese sentences which can be used in Summer in Japan.

Useful Japanese: Mobile Phones

Learn some frequently used language which should make things a little easier the next time you go to your local mobile phone shop.

Useful Japanese: Cherry Blossoms & Hay Fever

Some useful Japanese language for cherry blossom viewing and hay fever.

Useful Japanese: On the Phone

Knowing a few simple phrases and sentences can really help you when speaking Japanese on the phone. Many of the words and phrases frequently used in telephone conversations are quite unique, so you may find yourself having difficulty even if you have an otherwise sufficient level of Japanese ability.

Nagoya City Science Museum

Rediscover science at the Nagoya City Science Museum The Nagoya City Science Museum in Fushimi is a 12 storey complex comprising three sections, the Astronomy building, Technology and Science building, and the Life Science building. Each floor of each building hosts a different aspect of science from telecommunications to disaster prevention. Each section holds several […]

Nagoya Ben

The Japanese language has numerous dialects and the Nagoya dialect, Nagoya-ben, is famous throughout Japan for its “so called” originality. Why don’t you try some of it out on your Japanese friends and see what they say?

Where Can I Learn to Drive?

More than 90% of Japanese driver’s license holders are graduates of designated driving schools. If you do not possess a valid license and would like to obtain a full Japanese driver’s license then this is way to go.

Learning Japanese in Nagoya

Learners may choose from a variety of types of instruction depending on their goals.

The Japanese Education System

n Japan, compulsory education (gimu kyoiku) is from elementary school to junior high school, for children between the ages of 6 and 15; six years in elementary school and three years in junior high school.

To learn more about the Nagoya International Center,
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