In and Around Nagoya

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Find out about what Nagoya has to offer beyond the well-trodden tourist havens. Discover the real Nagoya hidden within the city’s bustling metropolis.

Night, holiday & year end / New Year period emergency clinics in Nagoya

A list of night, holiday and year end / New Year period emergency clinics in Nagoya, just in case.

This month at the Planetarium

Find out what’s on at the Planetarium this month.

Star Gazing at the Science Museum

Following a brief talk at the planetarium you will proceed to the rooftop’s main telescope and various other telescopes to observe the night’s recommended celestial scenery.

Nagoya Noh Theater – Upcoming Events

Upcoming performances at Nagoya’s very own Noh Theater!


A unique facility showcasing the first Boeing 787 where you can have fun as you learn about aviation, and enjoy shopping and a variety of foods from Seattle, the home of Boeing.

Hakken! NAGOYA: Japanese Baths

A guide to furo, or Japanese baths.

Hakken! NAGOYA: Japanese Holidays and Cultural Events – Part Two

The second and final installment of Hakken! NAGOYA’s guide to Japanese holidays and cultural events

Going to a Summer Festival

Although the big festivals with huge fireworks are great, the smaller community summer festivals are also a unique experience.

Fireflies in Nagoya Castle’s Outer Moat

Did you know that you can see fireflies in the center of Nagoya?

Nagoya / Iida Sector Aozora Free Pass

The Aozora Free Pass is a rail pass by JR Tokai, providing one day of unlimited usage of local JR trains in the Greater Nagoya region.

Markets in Nagoya

A small selection of regular markets with easy access from central Nagoya

Hanami – viewing cherry blossoms

The period from late March to early April is the season for viewing cherry blossoms

Aichi Museum of Flight

Opening in November 2017, the Aichi Museum of Flight is a new facility that commemorates and educates about Aichi Prefecture’s aircraft industry, and a great spot to watch the various aircraft that use the airport.


Take a tour of the MRJ MUSEUM, and see, touch, and feel the state-of-the-art technology incorporated into the Mitsubishi Regional Jet aircraft, and get an up-close view of the assembly process

Hakken! NAGOYA: Japanese Holidays and Cultural Events – Part One

The first installment of Hakken! NAGOYA’s guide to Japanese holidays and cultural events

Maker’s Pier

Maker’s Pier at Kinjō Futō is a collection of unique shops and eateries, and several establishments offer workshops to try

Water Bus Service on the Nakagawa Canal

You can take one of the brightly colored water buses down the Nakagawa Canal to Garden Pier, or further on to Kinjo Pier, and experience another side of Nagoya

Exploring Tōgokusan

Tōgokusan (東谷山 / Mt. Tōgoku) is Nagoya’s highest mountain, and the site of several ancient burial mounds

Beaches Near Nagoya

From early July, the swimming beaches are open for business. Here’s a selection of swimming beaches near Nagoya.

Hakken! NAGOYA: Arimatsu

A guide to Arimatsu in Midori Ward, famous for traditional tie-dyeing and atmosphere.

Hakken! NAGOYA: Hanami

A guide to hanami, or cherry blossom viewing, with some of the best spots in and around Nagoya.

Midori Ward Tourist Guide Map now available in English

Explore Midori Ward with the new English language Midori Ward Tourist Guide Map!

Visiting a Bathhouse

The communal bath – more than just a place to get clean.

Hakken! NAGOYA: School Lunch

An overview of lunch in elementary and junior high schools in Nagoya, compiled by NIC volunteers.

Kakuōzan Area Walking Guide: Shiroyama Hachimangū Shrine to Yōkisō Villa

Explore the temples and historical buildings of the Kakuōzan area of Chikusa Ward with this walking guide

Chiune Sugihara’s Walk of Humanitarianism

The City of Nagoya has established a 4.5-km route in honor of former diplomat, humanitarian and childhood Nagoya resident Chiune Sugihara

Visiting a Shrine or Temple at the Beginning of the New Year

A small sample of places to perform your Hatsumōde.

Hakken! NAGOYA: Inuyama Castle and Castle Town

A guide to Inuyama Castle and the surrounding castle town, compiled by NIC volunteers.

‘Women Only’ cars now in operation on the Subway Meijo and Meiko Lines

The City of Nagoya Transportation Bureau has extended the operation of ‘Women Only’ cars (previously operating only on the Higashiyama Line) to the Meijo and Meiko Lines.

Mount Hōraiji

Find out about Mount Hōraiji, in the Oku-Mikawa area of Aichi Prefecture.

IC card service now available on Aonami, Yutorito and Linimo Lines

The handy yellow MANACA (マナカ) IC card can now be used on the Aonami, Yutorito and Linimo Lines.

Rail Mountain Bike Gattan Go!!

Explore the countryside of Kamioka-cho, Hida City in Gifu Prefecture by bike and rail – at the same time!

Islands of Aichi: Shinojima

Did you know that Aichi Prefecture has a number of islands that you can get to in under two hours from Nagoya? Find out about Shinojima, or Shino Island.

Islands of Aichi: Sakushima

Did you know that Aichi Prefecture has a number of islands that you can get to in under two hours from Nagoya? Find out about Sakushima, or Saku Island.

Islands of Aichi: Himakajima

Did you know that Aichi Prefecture has a number of islands that you can get to in under two hours from Nagoya? Find out about HImakajima, or Himaka Island.

Nagoya Sightseeing Route Bus Me~guru

The Me~guru sightseeing bus is a great, economical way to see some of Nagoya’s attractions.

Subway Higashiyama Line Women-Only Cars operating all day from April 1

The hours of operation for the Women-Only Cars on the Higashiyama Line have been extended from April 1, 2015.

Do you know about Public Nonsmoking Areas in Nagoya City?

Nagoya City has designated Public Nonsmoking Areas in streets around Nagoya Station, Sakae, Kanayama and Fujigaoka. Smoking in these areas could land you a 2,000 Yen fine.

Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium: Opening of Renewed Coral Area

The Aquarium has been working hard for over a year, renewing their “Tropical marine life” area. A grand re-opening of the area is scheduled to take place on the 20th of December. The renewed area will give visitors a fresh and exciting view of marine life.

Pedestrian Smoking Penalty: 2,000 Yen

A 2,000 Yen penalty will be imposed on pedestrian smokers in designated zones of the following areas; Nagoya Station, Sakae, Kanayama and Fujigaoka. A map is available – see inside for details.

Nagoya City Science Museum

Rediscover science at the Nagoya City Science Museum The Nagoya City Science Museum in Fushimi is a 12 storey complex comprising three sections, the Astronomy building, Technology and Science building, and the Life Science building. Each floor of each building hosts a different aspect of science from telecommunications to disaster prevention. Each section holds several […]

Suhara Koen Recreation Park

Suhara Koen is a recreation park area with tennis courts, heated pools, and a lake with boats (all at additional cost). Two types of barbeque sites available: open paved areas for those who bring their own barbeque and brick barbeque sites (comes with picnic benches) for those that don’t.

Japan Monkey Park

Located on a hillside in the Aichi countryside, this combined zoo and amusement park is crammed with attractions for the whole family. Due to the hillside location of the park, the weather can be unpredictable, so come prepared. The amusement park has over 30 rides for all ages including Canyon Splash, a large Ferris wheel, merry-go-rounds, and a roller coaster; some age and height restrictions apply. Single rides cost between 200 and 500 Yen, but a one day passport which includes admission fee and an unlimited pass for attractions is a popular and less expensive way to enjoy the park. Click for more info.


After the completion of the Meiji Irrigation Canal in 1880, the area around Anjo was transformed into a model of modern agriculture. Anjo came to be known as the “Denmark of Japan” due to its likeness to Denmark, the most advanced agricultural country at the time. Denpark a Danish-themed park opened in the city in 1997 as a tribute to this moniker.

Are You Claiming Your Manaca Mileage Points?

If you are using a Manaca card to commute on a regular basis, you may not be aware that your card is racking up mileage points that can be easily claimed at Manaca ticket Machines and manaca charging machines located inside subway and Meitetsu stations.

Nagoya Municipal Minato Disaster Prevention Center

The center’s two floors have numerous interactive displays. Staff members are on hand to explain each display and answer your questions. Experience the Big One in the Earthquake Simulation Room, try to navigate through the smoke evacuation training room, and fly back to 1959 to experience Nagoya’s worst ever typhoon in the 3D simulation room. Unfortunately staff cannot speak English, but the simulations alone are worth the experience.

Edo Wonderland – Ise-Azuchimomoyama Bunkamura

The Edo Wonderland theme park is built like a small castle town with various contemporary buildings, including a shrine, hair dresser, workshop, a small ninja museum, a ninja trick maze, a monster house, a haunted temple and an actual full-size replica of Azuchi Castle.

Do you know these symbols?

Walking through the streets of the city passing commercial establishments, hospitals, and civic buildings, we are faced with many types of signs and symbols, some known – others not immediately obvious as to their meaning. But for many people these signs & symbols represent hope, respect, cooperation and understanding.

INAX Museums

Explore the many-faceted world of clay and ceramics at the INAX hands-on museums. See, touch, feel, learn, and create. Experience the thrill of clay and ceramics in hands-on classes, exhibitions, and workshops.

Hatcho Miso Factory Tour

Maruya Hatcho Miso is the oldest existing Hatcho miso maker in Japan and has been operating continuously since 1337.

Okashi no Shiro (Sweet Castle)

Located just north of Nagoya, the Okashi no Shiro is a hands-on confectionary museum set in an eye-catching 19th century all-white neo-baroque-style building. If you’re looking for an ideal personalised gift to give to a loved one for a birthday, Valentines Day, or White Day – or just have a sweet tooth – then the Okashi no-Shiro offers several workshops where you can make your own personalised confectionary.

Cherry Blossoms in Nagoya

Cherry blossoms mark the annual advent of spring, and the Japanese have traditionally celebrated this with “hanami”. Hanami, literally meaning flower-viewing, are parties that are held under blossoming cherry tress. Throughout Japan, in parks, shrines, temples, and on river banks, crowds flock to picnic under the sea of pink blossoms. Many popular spots are illuminated in the evenings and special facilities are laid out for the visiting hoards.

Aichi Emergency Treatment Information Center

The Aichi Emergency Treatment Information Center is a 24-hour service that provides information about where to go for medical treatment in Aichi Prefecture, in the event of a traffic accident, sudden illness, and other emergencies.

Winter at Mount Gozaisho

Mount Gozaisho 御在所岳 (1212m) located on the border of Mie and Shiga prefectures is known for its stunning scenery and fantastic views of Ise Bay. Its also home to the Gozaisho Ropeway and the Gozaisho Ski Resort.

The Nagoya City Museum

The museum’s permanent collection is themed around local history from the Japanese Paleolithic Period to Post-war reconstruction and features archaeological materials, fine art, crafts, documents, and folk materials.The museum also has an English audio guide available for rent!

Ice Skating In and Around Nagoya

Figure skaters – Miki Ando (2011 World Champion), Mao Asada (2010 World Champion), and Kanako Murakami (2009 World Junior Champion) are all Nagoya natives, together with Aichi-native Akiko Suzuki (2011 NHK Trophy Winner) they are currently 4 of the top 12 best skaters in the World. Where better to take to the ice than the world’s number-one skating hotspot!

Seto Novelty Children’s Creative Center

Based in a former “novelty” factory, the Seto Novelty Children’s Creative Center allows children to learn the skills used to make ceramic novelties and experience making and painting ceramics. The center and workshops are designed for children, but adults are welcomed to attend on their own too.

Mikan Picking in Aichi

The mikan-picking season in Aichi runs from October to December. So why not enjoy the late autumn weather and get your daily dose of vitamin C by visiting one of these fruit farms and picking your own mikans?

Not far away, but a world apart … Gujo Hachiman

Known as “Little Kyoto”, the small castle town of Gujo Hachiman in Gifu Prefecture is easily accessible from Nagoya and offers an authentic Japanese small town experience with temples, a castle, old-fashioned narrow streets.

Mino Washi Paper Museum

The Mino Washi Paper Museum offers visitors the chance to discover this tradition and make their own paper using traditional method and materials.

Motopia – The Suzuka Circuit Theme Park

As well as hosting the F1 Grand Prix, the Suzuka Circuit in Mie is home to Motopia モーとピア a racing-themed amusement park.

Pro Futsal with the Nagoya Oceans

Nagoya’s team in Japan’s 10-team futsal league (the F-League) is the Nagoya Oceans. The Oceans have won the league each year since its inception in 2007 and play their home games at the specially built indoor Teva Ocean Arena.

Toyota Plant Tour

Find out how the world’s largest automaker stays ahead of the competition and discover the Toyota Way by joining the Toyota Plant Tour.

Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology

Sakichi Toyoda (1867 – 1930) devoted his life to developing looms. His oldest son Kiichiro Toyoda adapted and developed loom technology and went on to found the Toyota Motor Corporation in 1937. The museum was established in 1994 and is housed in one of Sakichi Toyoda’s old pilot factories.

Grape Picking in Aichi

The grape picking season runs from late summer to early autumn. In Aichi Prefecture the warm coastal areas of the Chita Peninsula, Gamagori, and Okazaki are home to a large number of grape farms – many of which allow visitors to pick and eat grapes fresh off the vine.

Know Kanji – Olympics Edition

Test your kanji skills and take our quick quiz. Share with your friends your superior knowledge of the kanji!

Mikawa Kougei Glass Museum

As well as possessing the world’s largest kaleidoscope sphere the Mikawa Kougei Glass Museum hosts popular glass workshops where visitors can create their own personalized glassware.

Kakegawa Bird Park

Kakegawa Kachoen is a bird/flower park based in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Enjoy the year-round comfortable climate of the park’s soccer pitch-sized air-conditioned greenhouse, admire the wide range of tropical plants and handle many species of birds including toucans, parrots and owls.

Kakamigahara Aerospace Science Museum

The museum has over 25 aircraft on display including research aircraft, experimental craft, helicopters, human-powered aircraft, fighter jets, transport planes, a reproduction of the first aircraft to fly in Japan, and a display of aircraft manufactured in Kakamigahara. Visitors can also climb aboard and explore some of the bigger aircraft.

Know Nagoya? Test Your Knowledge

Nagoya City is made up of 16 wards or Ku. The city was first divided into 4 wards in 1908; Naka, Higashi, Nishi, and Minami. Each ward has its own emblem. Take our quick quiz to find out if you’re a Nagoya know-it-all.

Sumo in Nagoya

Sumo! The Boys are Back in Town The 2012 Nagoya tournament runs from July 8 to July 22 at the 7000+ seater Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium located next to Nagoya Castle. Go and cheer on the little guy! Daily bouts start with the lower ranking wrestlers at around 08:30 and climax with the top division at […]

Climbing Mount Fuji

What is the world’s most climbed mountain? Why, Mount Fuji of course. During the mountain’s official climbing season In July and August each year over 100,000 people lumber to the summit of Japan’s most famous dormant volcano.

Castle Town Nagoya Walking Guide

Using an 1870 map as a guide follow our model walking route to discover the history of the what was the castle town area of Nagoya City and get a picture of how the city was structured before the industrial area and post-war renewal.

Hakone Walking Guide

Explore the Tokaido in picturesque Hakone National Park. Hakone is approximately 400 km east of Nagoya and is a very popular sight-seeing spot, situated at the bottom of Mt. Fuji.

Inuyama Walking Guide

The original Inuyama Castle as well as many traditional-style houses have been preserved on the streets of this city, making it a beautiful place surrounded by abundant water, greenery and tradition.

Miya to Atsuta Walking Guide

Explore the historical area around Nagoya’s ancient Atsuta Shrine, and take in Shiratori Gardens, the harbour that was once part of the Edo-era Tokaido Highway, and Takakura-musubi-miko Shrine.

Pottery Walking Guides

Since ancient times, a number of well-known potteries have been located in the Seto and Tokoname areas.

Nagoya Cultural Path Walking Guide

The district between Nagoya Castle and Tokugawa-en is an area rich in preserved historical buildings and is known locally as the Bunka no Michi – “the cultural path”. In the Edo Period (1603-1867), the area was where middle and lower-class samurai lived. From the Meiji through the early Showa Periods (1868 -1930), the area was home to entrepreneurs, missionaries, journalists, and artists.

Higashiyama 10,000 Step Walking Course

The 6km “Higashiyama 10,000 Step Hiking Course” (東山一万歩コース), which runs around the Higashiyama Zoo and the Botanical Gardens, is a must-try experience for your health and peace of mind. This well-maintained course stretches through a specially preserved forest area in the eastern suburbs of Nagoya.

Horikawa River Walking Guide

A 9km walk along Nagoya Castle’s “man-made moat” – the Horikawa River – starting at Meitetsu Sato station and ending at JR Nagoya Station.

Chikusa Area Walking Guide

A 7km walking route starting from Imaike Subway Station around Chikusa Park and the Suidomichi Green Road areas of Nagoya. Discover the history of the temples and shrines of area.

Yagoto Area Walking Guide

The Yagoto area is a bustling and active area located to the east of central Nagoya with several university campuses, large shopping centers, hotels, and many buildings with fashion boutiques. In the olden days however, the area flourished as the temple town of Koyasan Bekkaku Honzan Koshoji, whose remnants can still be observed today.

Nagoya Castle Walking Guide

Nagoya Castle was a national treasure until most parts of it were destroyed in 1945 during WW2. However, many cultural assets have survived including the north-west and south-east turrets, the Omote-ni-no-mon Gate, many stone walls, the Nino-maru Garden, and Fusuma (sliding door) paintings. Why not explore the castle grounds with our handy guide?

Nakasendo Walking Guide

The Nakasendo was a highway that ran from Kyoto over an inland route through what is now Shiga, Gifu, and Nagano Prefectures before descending on Tokyo’s predecessor, Edo.

Beat the Heat with Unagi

Since one slick, quick-thinking fishmonger started an eel sales promotion on one mid-summer’s day in the 18th Century, it has been tradition to eat unagi (fresh water eel) during the summer doyo period. “Doyo no Ushi no Hi” – a day determined by the old lunar calendar that traditionally was considered the hottest of the season – is the day to eat unagi and supposedly strengthen one’s body against the heat. Doyo-no-ushi-no-hi土用の丑の日falls on July 27 in 2012.

The Yanagibashi Chuo Ichiba

If you would like to experience a real Japanese market, you don’t have to trek to Tokyo to see Tsukiji Market when there is a great market in the center of Nagoya that you can visit before you go to work. Just don’t forget to set your alarm clock as the market kicks into life at 4am.

The Convenient Way to Buy Tickets in Japan

If you live out of town, can’t figure out how to order tickets online, and don’t want to be disappointed when you turn up at the concert without a ticket – with minimum hassle and minimum Japanese skills you can purchase tickets for movies, concerts, exhibitions, and sporting events at your local convenience store.

Clam Digging on the Chita Peninsula

The asari or Japanese carpet shell (also known as the small-neck or Manila clam) is the most common type of clam found in Japan. Digging in the sand for clams is known as shio-higari and the shio-higari season in Japan generally runs from early spring to late summer, but the exact season varies depending upon the species and location. It’s fun and easy, and you don’t need any prior experience to go get yourself some delicious clams for cooking. However, without a solid technique and the right tools it can be back-breaking work in the summer sunshine.

Manaca & TOICA Tie Up Means Convenience for Travelers

From Saturday, April 21, commuters will be able to use Manaca IC cards at the 148 stations operated by JR Tokai. TOICA card users will also be able to use their cards at the 390 stations and 1639 bus services that currently use Manaca IC cards.

Ebisenbei no Sato

Make your own unique 30cm foot wide giant senbei and see how senbei are made. Participants are provided with pre-prepared dough that that they shape, bake, and decorate to their liking.

All About the Manaca

The Manaca is an easy to use and very convenient travel pass and smart card rolled into one!

Nagoya Ben

The Japanese language has numerous dialects and the Nagoya dialect, Nagoya-ben, is famous throughout Japan for its “so called” originality. Why don’t you try some of it out on your Japanese friends and see what they say?

Experience Pottery in Seto at the Ceramic Craft Studio

The term “Nihon Rokkoyo” is used to refer to the six oldest pottery centers in Japan – Seto, just east of Nagoya, was one of them and is now home to the Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum愛知県陶磁資料館. As well as having a vast collection of pottery and ceramics on exhibition, visitors can make their own setomono in the museum’s craft studio.

Nagoya City Science Museum

At a cost of around 16.8 billion Yen the new wing of the Nagoya City Science Museum will open on Saturday, March 19. The highlight of the redevelopment is its new 35m diameter, state-of-the-art planetarium – the world’s largest!

The Menard Art Museum

The Menard Art Museum in Komaki City has a permanent collection featuring works by Georges Rouault, Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, and other notable European artists. We have 10 Menard Museum 2012 desktop calendars to give away!

Sanshu Asuke Yashiki

Asuke-cho in Western Aichi Prefecture is home to Sanshu Asuke Yashiki – a working museum where you can catch a glimpse of what life used to be like in Japan. Visitors to the center can see a variety of traditional Japanese handiwork in the making and make crafts of their own.

Hiking Courses: Aichi-Kenmin-No-Mori East Ridge

This walk starts at Mikawa Makihara Station and end at Yuya Onsen Station where you can relax in the local hot springs. Accessible by train from Nagoya, you don’t need a car to enjoy the autumn scenery of western Aichi Prefecture.

Making the Most out of Nagoya City Sports Facilities

There are over 130 municipal sports facilities in Nagoya City – including sports centers (with volleyball, badminton, basketball, and futsal courts), tennis courts, baseball fields, athletic fields, football and rugby fields, gateball fields, and baseball stadiums. All are available for amateur sports use by the public at very reasonable rates. Making a reservation is easy.

Nagoya City Sports Centers

Most city-run sports centers have a heated indoor pool and a training room with weights and machines. Many also offer aerobics classes. These low cost facilities are open to the general public.

Nagoya Municipal Libraries

People residing, working, or attending school in Aichi prefecture can borrow books from Nagoya municipal libraries

Sun Beach Nikkogawa

Known as the Waikiki of Nagoya it boasts the largest pool in Japan. There are 3 pools; a kid’s pool, a beach pool, & a wave pool, and of course lots of slides & tubes!

In and Around Toba

Toba, located at the northeastern end of the Shima-hanto Peninsula in Mie, is famous for pearls, its aquarium, and stunning coastal scenery. Take a cruise around the scenic Toba Bay, visit the pearl museum, or visit nearby Futami and see the world famous Wedded Rocks. A day trip or an extended stay, Summer in Toba has a lot to offer the visitor!

SCMAGLEV and Railway Park

A new fun, educational museum for children of all ages opened in Nagoya on Monday, March 14. Show yourself around the museum using a multilingual “i-pod touch-style” hand-held device available from the museum reception!

Blue Bonnet Wildflower Garden

Located off-shore on reclaimed land in the middle of Nagoya Port is Nagoya’s very own wildflower garden. There are 22 mini-gardens featuring a model garden design by a top British garden designer.

TOICA – The Handy JR Pass

TOICA is the name JR Central’s rechargeable contactless smart card ticketing system. Using TOICA means that you don’t have to buy a ticket each time you travel – the ticket gate automatically calculates your fare! The cards can be repeatedly charged up and can also be used from in-station stores and vending machines.

Hiking Routes in the Tokai Region

  Hiking Routes in the Tokai RegionFancy going on a short hike to enjoy the autumn scenery but can’t get past the language barrier to find out where and when to go?The Nagoya International Center Information Counter has a whole information section dedicated to short hikes and the outdoors. Information is in both English and […]

Ward Offices in Nagoya

There are 16 ward offices and 6 branch offices serving the City of Nagoya.

Valentine’s Day in Japan

Thanks to a concentrated marketing effort, Valentine’s Day has become a day on which women in Japan give chocolates or other types of confectionary to men they like.

Getting Away – Where to Stay

Your vacation is quickly approaching and you want to get out and see this wonderful country. Booking travel and accommodation to visit distant locations is a headache at the best of times, throw in a language and a cultural barrier and the fun begins. However with the onset of the Yokoso! Japan campaign the number of volunteer groups and organizations offering travel booking, accommodation, and tours in English has greatly increased.

The Nagoya City Subway

Since the opening of the Higashiyama Line between Nagoya and Sakae in 1957, the Nagoya City Subway has expanded to an 89km, 93 station network, catering for over 1.1 million commuters a day. A total of 131 trains and762 carriages are currently in operation, 48 trains on the Higashiyama Line alone. The busiest 5 stations, […]

The Yamazaki Mazak Museum of Art

A new addition to Nagoya’s museums opened in April 2010 and exclusively exhibits French artwork from the past 200 years. The museum’s collection features artwork from the French Rococo period, Romanticism, Neo-Classicism, Realism, Impressionism, and the Ecole de Paris.

Iga Ninja Museum

Iga Ueno is a small, tourist-friendly, castle town located in mountains of western Mie. Famous as the birthplace of the Iga Ninja, much of the town’s old architecture and atmosphere remains.

Miso Katsu

■Enjoy Miso Katsu in NagoyaMiso Katsu みそかつis the Nagoya area version of tonkatsu 豚カツ – a breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet one to two centimeters thick and sliced into bite-sized pieces, generally served with shredded cabbage. It was originally considered a type of yo-shoku, a Japanese version of European cuisine invented in the late 1800s and […]

MUFG Money Museum

The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Money Museum 三菱東京UFJ 銀行貨幣資料館 The Kahei Shiryo-kan (the Money Museum) has moved to a new location and will re-open on April 20, 2009. As well as an extensive collection of over 10,000 rare bank notes, coins of the ancient world, and coins from Japan’s Edo period, the museum also holds […]

Higashiyama Zoo

Happy 70th Birthday! Let’s go to the zoo, zoo, zoo…   Wondering if they had built it too far out of town, or if they had been too ambitious with their plans, the Higashiyama Zoo opened its doors for the first time on March 23, 1937. It was an instant hit. Soon after, the Hagenbeck […]

Japan’s Excalibur Legend

Like the legend of King Arthur and the Excalibur sword, Japan’s Kusanagi, or snake sword, has a mythical, romanticism surrounding it…

Nagoya Asahi Brewery Tour

Hidden away on the quiet banks of the Shonai River in Moriyama Ward is the Asahi Brewery アサヒビール名古屋工場. Visitors can learn fun facts about Asahi, the brewery and the basics of brewing. There are many boards and posters that illustrate the brewing process, and these usually have a short English explanation as well. English brochures […]

Nagoya’s Cultural Path

 Take a Walk through Nagoya’s Cultural Heritage The district between Nagoya Castle and Tokugawa-en is an area rich in preserved historical buildings and is known locally as the Bunka no Michi – “the cultural path”. In the Edo Period (1603-1867), the area was where middle and lower-class samurai lived. From the Meiji through early Showa […]

Nagoya Ward History

Know Nagoya? Nagoya City is made up of 16 wards or Ku. The city was first divided into 4 wards in 1908; Naka, Higashi, Nishi, and Minami. Each ward has its own unique emblem. An explanation of each emblem is shown below. Formed 1908 Naka From the kanji character "naka". Represents a busy intersection.   […]

Midland Square

Midland Square – A New Addition to Nagoya’s Skyline.   The City of Nagoya has a new addition to it’s skyline. The land across the street from the JR Central Towers has been bustling with bulldozers, cranes, and a multitude or hard-hatted workmen. With ruthless efficiency that puts the builders of London’s new Wembley Stadium […]

I-fain – The Ichiro Exhibition Room

  Ichiro Suzuki, simply known as Ichiro, the current MLB Seattle Mariners players has become one of the world’s best known baseball players. At the age of seven, Ichiro joined his first baseball team and asked his father to teach him to be a better player. The two began a daily routine of pitching, throwing, […]

Nagoya Sightseeing Route Bus

The Nagoya Kanko Route Bus is a big, yellow, luxury, air-conditioned city bus service that stops at, and only at Nagoya’s main tourist spots.

Pay for Plastic Shopping Bags

  The End of Free Plastic Carrier Bags in Nagoya  レジ袋有料化の拡大 Based on the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, the City of Nagoya has set a unique target to decrease CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions by 10% of its 1990 level by 2010; Japan’s overall target is a reduction on 6%. The City has instigated a series […]

Their work in numbers

The Nagoya City Fire & Ambulance Service Their hard work expressed in simple numbers.  5 The number of seats in a fire-engine. 6 The number of minutes it takes on average for an ambulance to arrive at the scene of an accident. 6 The number of months a new recruit attends a training academy for. […]

Discover Tokoname

Tokoname has a 900 year-old history of pottery and is one of the six historic pottery towns of Japan. Chances are you’ve already been to Tokoname a few times with even knowing it. Located 40 minutes south of Nagoya, the coastal town of Tokoname is home to Central Japan International Airport.

Nagoya’s Autumn Colours

The strength-sapping hot summer is behind us and the cool, refreshing autumn is here. From mid-October to late November the green landscape turns into a patchwork quilt of yellow, orange, red, gold, and brown. Like the cherry blossoms in spring, this is compulsory viewing. Here are some of the more accessible spots for you to […]

The Fuji Legacy

After 18 years of active service the 5000 ton Antarctic research ship Fuji docked into port for the final time and in 1985 re-opened as a museum and a tribute to the work of its once 200 strong crew. Visitors are able to wander around the ship and see where the crew lived and worked, […]


Shirakawa-go UNESCO World Heritage Site (白川郷) Nestled deep in the mountains of Gifu Prefecture are the three neighbouring villages of Ogimachi, Ainokura and Suganuma; collectively known as Shirakawa-go. This area of steep thatched-roved farmhouses gained UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 1995. The people of these gassho-style, or “praying hands” style farmhouses were cut off […]

Aichi Bokujo

Aichi Bokujo is a commercial farm designed for visitors to experience farm life first-hand.

Futsal in Nagoya

■Futsal 101 フットサル入門 Futsal is the official version of 5-a-side football, sanctioned by FIFA and played on a small court. The court (a little bit larger than a basketball court) is delimited by lines and uses a smaller, less bouncier ball than its 11-a-side sibling. The emphasis is on improvisation, creativity and technique. Its name […]

Moricoro Park

  Since closing its doors to the public last September the 2005 World Expo’s 450 acre site has been transformed. Most of the attractions, buildings, and infrastructure that graced the Expo have long gone to be replaced by the site’s original forested landscape. 9 months of hard work resulted in the July opening of the […]

Ski resorts near Nagoya

Central Japan has many good skiing resorts. Several travel agencies offer all inclusive same-day return coach tours from Nagoya Station to several well-equipped snow resorts in Gifu and Nagano. Ideal if you want to enjoy the best slopes in Japan, but don’t have access to a car. Fares include return coach fee, an all day […]

Get in Shape for New Year

Eat too much Christmas turkey? Plan to get in shape this year? Give your New Year resolution a kick-start at one of these low cost weekly aerobics lessons. Places for each session are limited, so arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time to secure your place. Participation is […]

Higashiyama Koen

Higashiyama Koen is a large park in the eastern suburbs of Nagoya that houses the city zoo, botanical gardens, a 134m Sky Tower, a children’s amusement park, and a city owned tennis club. Open 09:00 to 16:30; closed December 29 to January 1, on Mondays except national holiday and on Tuesdays if the Monday is […]

Nagoya’s Traditional Gardens

Both Tokugawa-en and Shirotori Garden offer visitors the chance to see a Japanese garden.

International Food Shops

International food and grocery stores in and around Nagoya Have you got a craving for some food from back home? Your favourite brand of soda? Your favourite chocolate bar? A herb, spice, or sauce that you need to make your secret recipe? The following stores may help you find what you’re looking for. ★ The […]

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