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Nagoya is the heart of Japan’s business, industrial, and transportation sectors, linking east and west Japan. Today, over 2,150,000 citizens reside in the sixteen wards throughout the city, making it Japan’s 4th largest city.








Hakken! NAGOYA: Japanese Baths

A guide to furo, or Japanese baths.

Hakken! NAGOYA: Japanese Holidays and Cultural Events – Part Two

The second and final installment of Hakken! NAGOYA’s guide to Japanese holidays and cultural events

Markets in Nagoya

A small selection of regular markets with easy access from central Nagoya

Aichi Museum of Flight

Opening in November 2017, the Aichi Museum of Flight is a new facility that commemorates and educates about Aichi Prefecture’s aircraft industry, and a great spot to watch the various aircraft that use the airport.


Take a tour of the MRJ MUSEUM, and see, touch, and feel the state-of-the-art technology incorporated into the Mitsubishi Regional Jet aircraft, and get an up-close view of the assembly process

Hakken! NAGOYA: Japanese Holidays and Cultural Events – Part One

The first installment of Hakken! NAGOYA’s guide to Japanese holidays and cultural events

Maker’s Pier

Maker’s Pier at Kinjō Futō is a collection of unique shops and eateries, and several establishments offer workshops to try

Water Bus Service on the Nakagawa Canal

You can take one of the brightly colored water buses down the Nakagawa Canal to Garden Pier, or further on to Kinjo Pier, and experience another side of Nagoya

Exploring Tōgokusan

Tōgokusan (東谷山 / Mt. Tōgoku) is Nagoya’s highest mountain, and the site of several ancient burial mounds

Hakken! NAGOYA: Arimatsu

A guide to Arimatsu in Midori Ward, famous for traditional tie-dyeing and atmosphere.

Hakken! NAGOYA: Hanami

A guide to hanami, or cherry blossom viewing, with some of the best spots in and around Nagoya.

Midori Ward Tourist Guide Map now available in English

Explore Midori Ward with the new English language Midori Ward Tourist Guide Map!

Hakken! NAGOYA: School Lunch

An overview of lunch in elementary and junior high schools in Nagoya, compiled by NIC volunteers.

Chiune Sugihara’s Walk of Humanitarianism

The City of Nagoya has established a 4.5-km route in honor of former diplomat, humanitarian and childhood Nagoya resident Chiune Sugihara

Hakken! NAGOYA: Inuyama Castle and Castle Town

A guide to Inuyama Castle and the surrounding castle town, compiled by NIC volunteers.

Hakken! NAGOYA: Nagoya Meshi

Misokatsu! Kishimen! Hitsumabushi! They’re all in this primer on Nagoya cuisine, compiled by NIC volunteers.

Hakken! NAGOYA: Shogatsu

Compiled and edited by NIC volunteers, find out about Japanese New Year traditions.

Hakken! NAGOYA: Nagoya-ben

Compiled and edited by NIC volunteers, find out about Nagoya dialect, or Nagoya-ben.

Okashi no Shiro (Sweet Castle)

Located just north of Nagoya, the Okashi no Shiro is a hands-on confectionary museum set in an eye-catching 19th century all-white neo-baroque-style building. If you’re looking for an ideal personalised gift to give to a loved one for a birthday, Valentines Day, or White Day – or just have a sweet tooth – then the Okashi no-Shiro offers several workshops where you can make your own personalised confectionary.

History of Nagoya

The name Nagoya is derived from a famous manor in the 12th century called Nagono. The Nagono manor prospered until the middle of the fourteenth century and people continued to call the area “Nagono” long after it had gone. The Chinese characters used to write “Nagono” could also be read “Nagoya” which was later adopted as the city’s name.

Industrial Heritage

Nagoya and its surrounding area is the center of Japan’s industrial sector. Its solidly based production focuses on automobiles, general machinery, metal products, ceramics, and electric appliances. As economic links among nations continue to strengthen and expand, Nagoya strives to establish itself as an international production and economic center.

Getting to Nagoya

Air, sea, rail, and road access to Nagoya.

Local Government

Nagoya strives to provide safe and comfortable housing for the elderly and disabled. Projects like the “Silver Housing Project,” under which special residential units for the elderly are constructed, provide such housing. Nagoya encourages private ownership of homes and organizes special loans for purchasing or constructing a home.

More About Nagoya

All about Art & culture, green Nagoya, and convention &exhibition facilities.

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