Foreign Artists Exhibition

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Organized by CJIS

sponsored by the Nagoya International Center


The Foreign Artists Exhibition – 1-6 November
外国人芸術作品展 – 11月1日~6日

The 31st Foreign Artists Exhibition was held from 1 to 6 November, 2016.

The Central Japan International Society (CJIS) has been organizing this exhibition annually since 1986 and, with some of the original founding artists still participating, has established a strong tradition of displaying a wide range of works by foreign artists living in the Chubu Region for the local community to enjoy. This year’s FAE was another memorable event.

Many thanks to all involved who helped make FAE 31 a great success, be they artists, visitors, volunteers or organizers.

Watch this space for an overview of the exhibition.


Looking back on the 30th Anniversary Foreign Artists Exhibition

(FAE 30) 3-8 November 2015

An Overview


“It’s been a long time comin’
Going to be a long time gone…..”

With apologies to Crosby, Stills, and Nash, of course, but the opening lines of their 1968 song seem to perfectly encapsulate the mood and emotions surrounding the lead-up to the 30th Anniversary of this ever popular event. Considering the FAE was only intended as a single, stand alone event by the Nagoya International Center, in 1986, it is a fine testament to the long-running support of NIC, the willingness of the Central Japan International Society (CJIS), and the ever-present but ever-changing army of volunteers that a full 30 years of exhibitions have been successfully staged. Naturally the fine city of Nagoya and its surrounding Chubu Region have played a vital role in being the kind of locations to attract a never-ending stream of creative foreigners from every part of the globe who have applied to, and participated in, the exhibitions over the last 30 years — roughly 350 artists from 43 countries!


Members of CJIS, under the able leadership of Linda Taki, decided to go all out, in making FAE 30 a major event in NIC’s calendar. To this end, sponsorship was sought, additional efforts were made to solicit more artists, and plans were made for a large celebration in the Annex Hall, adjacent to NIC. By set-up week-end, 1-2 November, a record 77 artists had signed up to display their work. Additionally, 4 new countries were represented (Bahrain, Lithuania, Colombia, and Thailand) and a total of 22 new artists participated for the first time. More than 300 original artworks were on show for the general public to view.
Over the years, the FAE has settled into a very encouraging pattern of long-term resident artists (4 such individuals have exhibited their work since the very earliest shows); a middle group of artists with between 10 and 20 years’ participation; and a newcomers’ group largely made up of first-time participants. The latter group is ever-changing and of a constant number, which gives excellent grounds for optimism over the FAE’s future.


Taking place between 3rd and 8th of November, the exhibition began with a formal opening ceremony at which such dignitaries as the Brazilian Consul, American Center Director, and City Hall officials gave speeches and joined in a toast to the exhibition’s success. NIC Chairman concluded the formalities by congratulating CJIS members for their long-term efforts at maintaining the FAE’s popularity.


Due to the 30th FAE’s Anniversary event, a number of reporters from local newspapers visited the exhibition to interview various individuals and report on the show. This provided a welcome boost to visitor numbers which had reached 1300 by closing time on Sunday, 8 November.

The closing/sayonara party was held from 7-9pm in the Annex Hall and attended by the vast majority of artists together with family members and guests. Around 250 people enjoyed this event at which a lively Filipino band provided entertainment; light food, snacks and drinks were also served, gratis.

With 30 years of successful exhibitions under their collective belts, CJIS members are already preparing for FAE 31, at which, once again, a full range of original artworks will be on display, from both new and old artists (figuratively speaking!)

Don’t miss it!


Click here to see more FAE 30 photos (on Facebook)


An Overview of the 29th Foreign Artists Exhibition (FAE 29) 2014

FAE 29 comprised around 300 separate artworks ranging from prints to paintings, ceramics to origami, and photographs to polished amber, a remarkable range of media for the interested visitor to enjoy.

Photos of Works from Previous FAEs

See the diverse range of artists and their work in previous Foreign Artists Exhibitions!

An Overview of the 28th Foreign Artists Exhibition (FAE 28) 2013

Originally conceived as a one-off event in 1986, as “An Exhibition of the Work of Foreign Artists resident in Nagoya”, the FAE has gone from strength to strength with the twenty-eighth show taking place in 2013.

The Whole Story, FAEs 1-25

In 1986, the two-year old Nagoya International Center (NIC) located in central Nagoya invited a local American artist to give a presentation about her work and to show examples to the audience. Other local foreign artists were also invited to bring their art to the presentation with the aim of exchanging ideas and experience.

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