Municipal Services

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Sunday Service at City of Nagoya Ward and Branch Offices

In order to provide greater accessibility to services for residents, service is available at ward and branch offices on predetermined Sundays.

Emergency Broadcast Telephone Service

Check the content of announcements over the City of Nagoya’s emergency speaker system… via phone!

Plan ahead for garbage disposal when moving

How to avoid leaving a last-minute mountain of garbage and unwanted appliances at your local garbage disposal station when you move.

Wanted: Information on raccoon sightings and damage

Raccoons are a designated invasive alien species

The Disposal Procedure for Fluorescent Tubes and Mercury Thermometers will Change in October!

In order to ensure that the mercury contained in fluorescent tubes, etc. is disposed of appropriately and recycled, collection at Recycling Locations will begin in October 2017.

Recycle Small Household Electric Appliances and Help Make Medals for the Tokyo Olympics!

Your unwanted small appliances, reborn as Olympic medals!

The City of Nagoya Disaster Preparedness App – Now with new functions!

The City of Nagoya Disaster Preparedness App provides information on disasters affecting the City of Nagoya, including the estimated extent of damage and evacuation areas

Reducing Nagoya’s Waste: Miscellaneous Paper

In the City of Nagoya alone around 30,000 tons per year of miscellaneous paper is disposed of as waste when it could be recycled

Reducing Nagoya’s Waste: Used Clothing and Textiles

Help reduce waste by recycling used clothing and textile items

Video Phone Interpreter Service available at ward and branch offices

In order to improve accessibility to services for foreign residents at ward offices and branch offices, the City of Nagoya will provide a videophone interpreting service at ward and branch offices

Moving to and from a Different Area

A reminder about procedures you need to follow at your local government office when moving

Did you know? You don’t need to puncture your old spray cans

It’s no longer necessary to puncture spray cans when disposing of them in the City of Nagoya.

Get handy reminders on garbage collection day!

An app that helps you sort and put out your garbage now supports 8 languages.

Keeping crows out of your garbage

Stop crows partying with the contents of your garbage bags.

Recyclables & Garbage Separation App Available in English and other Languages!

An app that helps you sort and put out your garbage now supports Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Filipino and Vietnamese!

About Municipal Kindergartens

Some basic information on Nagoya City-operated kindergartens

Small Appliance Recycling Stations

Cellphones, Digital Cameras, and other Small Home Appliances contain rare and precious metals which can be usefully recycled.
You can help by recycling any unused items. The City appreciates your cooperation!

Paper Recycling Ordinance

To protect these local citizen groups a new City of Nagoya ordinance came in to effect on July 1, 2012. Warning and fines come into effect from October 1.

Nagoya City Garbage Collection

In Nagoya, the system of garbage sorting and collection is strictly categorized. Specified plastic bags (Burnable refuse, Non-Burnable refuse, & Recyclable Refuse) can be purchased at supermarkets and convenience stores. Pamphlets about the garbage sorting system are available in 5 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese & Korean) at the 3F Information Service Corner of the Nagoya International Center.

Disposing of Large Size Garbage in Nagoya City 

Large-sized garbage or sodai gomi 粗大ごみ is waste larger than 30 x 30 x 30 cm and if requested can be collected by Nagoya City for a fee. However, the City will not collect PC hard drives, laptops, PC monitors, air conditioners, regular TVs, refrigerators, or washing machines.

Video Guide to Sorting Plastic & Paper Recycling Waste in Nagoya City

A video guide to sorting plastic and paper recycling waste in Nagoya City. Produced by the City of Nagoya.

Making the Most out of Nagoya City Sports Facilities

There are over 130 municipal sports facilities in Nagoya City – including sports centers (with volleyball, badminton, basketball, and futsal courts), tennis courts, baseball fields, athletic fields, football and rugby fields, gateball fields, and baseball stadiums. All are available for amateur sports use by the public at very reasonable rates. Making a reservation is easy.

How Japanese Income Tax is Calculated

The “kyuyo-shotoku-gensen-choshu-hyo” (給与所得源泉徴収票) or “income tax withholding statement” can be obtained from your place of work. Statements for the previous tax year are usually available in January each year.

Nagoya Municipal Libraries

People residing, working, or attending school in Aichi prefecture can borrow books from Nagoya municipal libraries

Ward Offices in Nagoya

There are 16 ward offices and 6 branch offices serving the City of Nagoya.

New Garbage Regulations for Nagoya City

Three changes to Nagoya City garbage collection will come into effect from Friday, April 1.

Unemployment Insurance

I recently became unemployed. Can I claim unemployment benefits?

Getting Your Pension Back

Please see the Japan Pension Service website for official information on Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments in English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Indonesian, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese, Myanmar, and Khmer. Are you paying into a Japanese pension scheme? Planning not to be in Japan when its time to claim it? Did you know that foreign nationals that have […]

Getting your Baby Registered

My husband and I have just had a baby. We want to visit our relatives in our home country as soon as possible. How can we get a passport for the baby?

Long-Term Care Insurance

The Long-Term Care Insurance System involves the whole of society and is run by the social insurance system to ensure long-term care for elderly. According to their needs people or families needing long term care are able to choose from medical and welfare services.

Japanese Pensions

The National Pension Scheme, Employees’ Welfare Pension Insurance, and Withdrawing from the Pension Program

Nagoya City Public Health Centers

Public Health Centers are governmental agencies responsible for public health, but they do not provide medical treatment themselves. Each ward has one Public Health Center, the main duties of which are to provide medical and dental advice; control infectious diseases; provide vaccinations; ensure environmental sanitation; prevent noise and odor pollution; undertake inspections to prevent food poisoning; and control the cat and dog population.

To learn more about the Nagoya International Center,
please watch our video.

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