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Taking the Moped (Gentsuki) License Test in Nagoya

Mopeds are small and easy to manoeuvre and park, but you need a license to operate one. Find out what you need to take the moped license test.

Nagoya / Iida Sector Aozora Free Pass

The Aozora Free Pass is a rail pass by JR Tokai, providing one day of unlimited usage of local JR trains in the Greater Nagoya region.

A “Moped” is a motorcycle in Japan!

A “moped” is a two wheeled, engine-powered vehicle with pedals (like a bicycle) and a throttle, and is categorized as a motorcycle in Japan.

Converting a foreign driver’s license to a Japanese license

Information on how to transfer your foreign license to a Japanese license

Bicycle Riders – Do you have Bicycle Liability Insurance?

The City of Nagoya will make bicycle liability insurance mandatory for bicycle users from October

The City of Nagoya Ordinance on the Promotion of the Safe and Proper Use of Bicycles has been enacted

The City of Nagoya Ordinance on the Promotion of the Safe and Proper Use of Bicycles, and the 5 Rules for Safe Bicycle Use

IC card service now available on Aonami, Yutorito and Linimo Lines

The handy yellow MANACA (マナカ) IC card can now be used on the Aonami, Yutorito and Linimo Lines.

Meitetsu Bus Center Interpreting Service

The Meitetsu Bus Center now offers an interpreting service for customers requiring service in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish or Portuguese.

Bicycle Rider Lecture System

The Bicycle Rider Lecture System came into force on June 1, 2015. Under this system, cyclists who commit repeated traffic violations within three years will be required to undertake a training course and pay 5,700 yen.

Are You Claiming Your Manaca Mileage Points?

If you are using a Manaca card to commute on a regular basis, you may not be aware that your card is racking up mileage points that can be easily claimed at Manaca ticket Machines and manaca charging machines located inside subway and Meitetsu stations.

Smart Cards can be used Nationwide!

The smart card travel passes of ten of the nation’s regional rail and transportation companies are now compatible with each other.

Aichi Prefectural Road Traffic Law Changes

Do you cycle using headphones? Are you guilty of texting whilst riding your bicycle? There were some recent changes to the Aichi Prefectural Road Traffic Law that you should be aware of.

Manaca & TOICA Tie Up Means Convenience for Travelers

From Saturday, April 21, commuters will be able to use Manaca IC cards at the 148 stations operated by JR Tokai. TOICA card users will also be able to use their cards at the 390 stations and 1639 bus services that currently use Manaca IC cards.

A Special JR Rail Ticket – The Seishun 18 (ju-hachi) Kippu

The Sei-shun-ju-hachi-kippu is the one of the most cost-effective types of travel ticket in Japan allowing users to freely travel on JR local and JR rapid trains. Travelers can freely enter and exit any JR station, explore towns and train hop around Japan. Travelling this way can be slow, but a good book, a pre-planned travel itinerary, and a sense of adventure can make time fly by.

Japan Automobile Federation

JAF provides a Japanese translation service for driver’s licenses from abroad as well as 24-hour road services.

All About the Manaca

The Manaca is an easy to use and very convenient travel pass and smart card rolled into one!

How to Avoid Becoming a Statistic

★Question: Which month of the year sees the most traffic accidents? The answer is off course December. In Japan, December is bōnenkai season where groups of friends or co-workers gather to drink away their troubles of the past year. It is probably no coincidence that this monthly blip in accidents comes at a the time […]

Motorcycle Licenses in Japan

Motorbikes are divided into four categories according to the amount of exhaust put out. 50cc & 125cc bikes are not allowed on expressways. What are the types of licenses required?, where can you take a test?, what documents are needed?, and how much does a license cost?

TOICA – The Handy JR Pass

TOICA is the name JR Central’s rechargeable contactless smart card ticketing system. Using TOICA means that you don’t have to buy a ticket each time you travel – the ticket gate automatically calculates your fare! The cards can be repeatedly charged up and can also be used from in-station stores and vending machines.

Preventing Bicycle Theft

Ever returned to your bicycle after a long day at work to find it missing? In Aichi Prefecture a bicycle is stolen every 24 minutes! Don’t become a victim, take steps to prevent it.

Tokyo Here We Come!

Whether you want to explore the City for a few days over the holidays or are going on vacation via Narita or Haneda Airports, you don’t have to spend all your pocket money on the return Shinkansen fare from Nagoya.

Paid Bicycle Parking

 Can you help me? ■Q: I left my bicycle chained to a railing outside Ozone Subway Station, but when I came back it was gone.   Parking your bicycle at a subway station used to be easy. Now leave your bicycle outside at station or on a nearby street and it will probably be taken […]

Bicycle Registration

■The benefits are simple:- If your bicycle is stolen it is more likely to be found. – the police are well-known for on-the-spot registration checks and being caught riding a bicycle that is not registered in your name can land you in hot water. – if your bicycle is confiscated because it was illegally parked […]

Where Can I Learn to Drive?

More than 90% of Japanese driver’s license holders are graduates of designated driving schools. If you do not possess a valid license and would like to obtain a full Japanese driver’s license then this is way to go.

Getting around for less …

Subway and City Bus Commuter Passes and Discount 1-Day Tickets Ever wondered how come every commuter except you has a special monthly pass? If you commute daily on Nagoya City’s subway or city buses, it may be well worth your while. Ticket machines at stations have English instructions for buying both regular Manaca passes and […]

All About Traffic Accidents

In 2013 there were 15,537 reported traffic accidents in Nagoya City which resulted in injury or death.
What would you do if you were the victim of a traffic accident? Here are a few points of advice for you to remember.

Buying a Car

Can you help me? Q: I want to buy a car from my friend. Do I need to do something? A: When you buy a car from a dealership, the dealer takes care of the registration documents and taxes. However if you buy a car, motorbike, or scooter from an individual, you will have to […]

My driving record…

Can you help me? Q: I’m returning to Canada to work in the transport industry. I have been asked to provide a copy of my driving record. Where can I get one from? A: Driving records are needed for such things as car insurance applications, license applications in many US States & Canadian Provinces & […]

A Crash Course Guide to Bicycle Safety

A Crash Course Guide to Bicycle Safety 自転車を安全に乗るために   According to Aichi Prefectural Police, one in every six people injured or killed in a traffic accident is a cyclist. With no license needed, anyone – young or old – can ride a bicycle. You’ve seen them cycling on the road or sidewalk, speeding past pedestrians, […]

You are a victim of a traffic accident

The number of traffic accidents involving foreign nationals has recently been on the increase. What would you do if you were the victim of a traffic accident? Here are a few points of advice for you to remember.

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