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2014 NAGOYA Foreign Resident Discussion Meetings: Now Recruiting Participants

The 2014 Nagoya Foreign Resident Discussion Meetings are a series of [Read More]

Free Wi-Fi @ The NIC

Visitors to the NIC now have access to free Wi-Fi! [Read More]

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Earthquakes, typhoons, and other natural disasters

Earthquake and Tsunami Hazard Maps

Earthquakes occur frequently all over Japan. In addition, areas located close to the shore are exposed to the risk of tidal waves (tsunami). The Nagoya Fire Department will be sending out maps to [Read More]


Menard Art Museum “A Nearby Small Universe”

See how artists have depicted the indoors through about sixty works from The Museum's [Read More]

Exhibition: Millet, Barbizon, and Fountainebleau

Celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of one of the most loved painters in [Read More]

Exhibition: Evangelion

General manager Hideaki Anno and the production company "Khara" who are overseeing this [Read More]

Nagoya Calendar

Nagoya Calendar – April 2014 Edition

What’s inside the April 2014 edition of the Nagoya Calendar? Our monthly 12 page publication available in print and online. Featuring events, exhibitions, festivals, [Read More]

Daily Living Guide

Employment Fair for Foreign Students

Aimed at helping foreign students attending tertiary education and technical colleges who [Read More]

Recycling Old Clothes and Fabrics

Learn more about Nagoya City’s textile recycling program to see how you can help turn [Read More]

Recycling Old Tempura Oil

Do you do any deep frying at home? Perhaps you make tempura, or cook your own Japanese [Read More]

Useful Japanese: Cherry Blossoms & Hay Fever

Some useful Japanese language for cherry blossom viewing and hay fever. [Read More]


Tokai Eco Festa

Tokai Eco Festa

This event has now concluded, and this page is here for reference purposes. Please regularly check our website, follow us on twitter, like us on facebook [Read More]

Mammoth Flea Market 2014

Mammoth Flea Market 2014

As of this Spring, the Mammoth Flea Market will be renamed to “Mammoth Flea Market Z”. Read on to find out more! [Read More]

Belgian Beer Weekend 2014

Belgian Beer Weekend 2014

Beer, food, music and Belgian lifestyle! The Belgian Beer Weekend will be kicking off in Hisaya Ōdōri Park for a massive thirteen days. [Read More]

Kakuozan Spring Festival

Kakuozan Spring Festival

Family fun in Kakuozan with flea markets, retro/antique stalls, international food stalls. [Read More]

JOINTS Custom Bike Show

JOINTS Custom Bike Show

An event for lovers of Harleys, choppers, and custom motorbikes. Admission is limited to over 16s only. [Read More]

Kisosansenkoen Park Tulip Festival

Kisosansenkoen Park Tulip Festival

During this season, the tulips in the park show their amazing colour. Cherry blossom trees are also planted in the flowerbeds where the colourful tulips bloom. [Read More]

Nagashino Gassen Nobori Matsuri

Nagashino Gassen Nobori Matsuri

An annual festival commemorating the 1575 Battle of Nagashino; one of the most important battles in Japanese history. [Read More]

Sakura in Mizuho Ward

Sakura in Mizuho Ward

The illumination of this area has concluded, and this page is here for reference purposes. Please regularly check our website, follow us on twitter, like us on facebook and/or subscribe to our mail magazine [Read More]

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