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Disaster Prevention Manual: Produced and distributed by NIC, and available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Filipino and simple Japanese. Click here for details

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  • Nagoya Calendar – November 2018 (English edition)

    Featuring upcoming NIC events, as well as events and exhibitions in and around Nagoya, movies & sporting events, disaster preparedness information and info for residents, and our Bulletin Board.

  • Children’s Story Book Time

    Come and share in the fun and listen to foreign volunteers as they read a selection of children’s books in their native language.

  • NIC International Walking

    Hosted by NIC’s volunteer Walking Guides, this year’s autumn walk explores Chikusa Ward.

  • Peer Support Salon

    Worried about your child’s development? Find it difficult to talk to others about your concerns? Meet other parents in the same situation and learn how to interact with your child as you make connections.

  • Nagoya International Center Registered Volunteers Wanted for 2019

    The Nagoya International Center is calling for individuals to register as volunteers in the areas of international exchange, international cooperation, and multicultural coexistence



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The Nagoya International Center is a non-profit organization based in Nakamura Ward, Nagoya Japan. We provide free services to foreign residents and run several community programs.

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