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Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 -19:00
Closed on: Mondays, December 29 through January 3, and the second Sundays of August and February.
TEL: 052-581-0102

The Library has approximately 28,000 books, documents, videos, and DVDs in stock. There are 3 main sections of the library open to users.

Reference Room

  • This main section of the library is home to books about international understanding & cultures, country guides, dictionaries, encyclopedia, and Japanese language study aids. Many of the books are available for borrowing.
  • The reference room is ideal for self-study and has 6 semi-private desks and several open desk spaces available. Additionally foreign newspapers, magazines, publications produced by international organizations & citizens groups are also available.  Click here to for a full list.
  • The Reference Room is also stocked with approximately 540 bulletins published by international organizations; these bulletins will be helpful to those who wish to take part in international exchange and cooperation.
  • Educational materials on worldwide development, culture, and lifestyles may be rented out by non-profit organizations such as schools.

Reading Room

  • The Reading Room is a bright space located at the end of the Library. Foreign language paperbacks & children’s story books, available in 25 languages including English, can be borrowed from this section. The ‘E-hon Corner’ also hosts regular foreign language story book readings.

Video Library

  • The Video Library is stocked with about 1,600 videos and DVDs. Some video cassettes may be rented out to organizations such as schools. Videos and DVDs are available in the following categories:
    • society and culture
    • Chubu Region and Nagoya
    • Japanese language learning
    • studies abroad
    • international understanding related issues

Search Terminal

  • A computer terminal to search for books or materials is available for general use. It is possible to search for books by title or author. The system is available both in 4 languages.

Sister Cities Section

  • In the Sister Cities Section you can see replicas of agreements signed between the Sister Cities of Nagoya – Los Angeles, Nanjing, Mexico City, Turin, and Sydney. You can also read booklets on these cities.

A Message from the NIC Library: Tell us what you’d like to read

The NIC Library is calling for Library users’ suggestions to help us with future book purchases.

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