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Nagoya Calendar – March 2019 (English edition)

Featuring upcoming NIC events, as well as events and exhibitions in and around Nagoya, movies & sporting events, disaster preparedness information and info for residents, and our Bulletin Board.

Nagoya Calendar – February 2019 (English edition)

Featuring upcoming NIC events, as well as events and exhibitions in and around Nagoya, movies & sporting events, disaster preparedness information and info for residents, and our Bulletin Board.

NIC Free Personal Income Tax Consultations for Foreign Residents

The Nagoya Certified Public Tax Accountants’ Association together with the Nagoya International Center will be hosting free tax personal income consultations for foreign residents.

Children’s Story Book Time

Come and share in the fun and listen to foreign volunteers as they read a selection of children’s books in their native language.

Foreign Instructors Wanted for NIC’s Classroom for Global Citizens Program

NIC’s Classroom for Global Citizen’s program is looking for foreign instructors to visit schools and local organizations and introduce various aspects of their home countries.

Midori Multicultural Event

Connect with other locals of various nationalities and pick up useful information for daily life at this multicultural event in Midori Ward.

Plan ahead for garbage disposal when moving

How to avoid leaving a last-minute mountain of garbage and unwanted appliances at your local garbage disposal station when you move.

Emergency Broadcast Telephone Service

Check the content of announcements over the City of Nagoya’s emergency speaker system… via phone!

Sunday Service at City of Nagoya Ward and Branch Offices

In order to provide greater accessibility to services for residents, service is available at ward and branch offices on predetermined Sundays.

Need assistance in other languages?

In addition to our service in Japanese and English at the Nagoya International Center, our multilingual staff provide linguistic support in Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese and Nepali.

A “Moped” is a motorcycle in Japan!

A “moped” is a two wheeled, engine-powered vehicle with pedals (like a bicycle) and a throttle, and is categorized as a motorcycle in Japan.

Japan Life Guide app – Information you need for life in Japan, at your fingertips

The Council of Local Authorities for International Relations provides a free app in 14 languages with information for your day-to-day life and disaster situations

Recycle Small Household Electric Appliances and Help Make Medals for the Tokyo Olympics!

Your unwanted small appliances, reborn as Olympic medals!

The City of Nagoya Disaster Preparedness App – Now with new functions!

The City of Nagoya Disaster Preparedness App provides information on disasters affecting the City of Nagoya, including the estimated extent of damage and evacuation areas

Bicycle Riders – Do you have Bicycle Liability Insurance?

The City of Nagoya will make bicycle liability insurance mandatory for bicycle users from October

Video Phone Interpreter Service available at ward and branch offices

In order to improve accessibility to services for foreign residents at ward offices and branch offices, the City of Nagoya will provide a videophone interpreting service at ward and branch offices

A Message from the NIC Library: Tell us what you’d like to read

The NIC Library is calling for Library users’ suggestions to help us with future book purchases.

IC card service now available on Aonami, Yutorito and Linimo Lines

The handy yellow MANACA (マナカ) IC card can now be used on the Aonami, Yutorito and Linimo Lines.

Recyclables & Garbage Separation App Available in English and other Languages!

An app that helps you sort and put out your garbage now supports Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Filipino and Vietnamese!

A Notice from Nagoya Customs – Drug Smuggling is a Serious Crime

Drug smuggling is a serious crime, and violators will be severely punished. What seems like an innocent request could get you into serious trouble.

Meitetsu Bus Center Interpreting Service

The Meitetsu Bus Center now offers an interpreting service for customers requiring service in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish or Portuguese.

Bicycle Rider Lecture System

The Bicycle Rider Lecture System came into force on June 1, 2015. Under this system, cyclists who commit repeated traffic violations within three years will be required to undertake a training course and pay 5,700 yen.

Take advantage of the ‘Multilingual Living Information’ website

The Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR) provides a wealth of information for foreign residents in Japan via the ‘Multilingual Living Information’ website.

Subway Higashiyama Line Women-Only Cars operating all day from April 1

The hours of operation for the Women-Only Cars on the Higashiyama Line have been extended from April 1, 2015.

Do you know about Public Nonsmoking Areas in Nagoya City?

Nagoya City has designated Public Nonsmoking Areas in streets around Nagoya Station, Sakae, Kanayama and Fujigaoka. Smoking in these areas could land you a 2,000 Yen fine.

NIC Rental Facilities

Did you know that the NIC has rental facilities available for a large variety of uses? Call us on 052-581-5679.

Free Wi-Fi @ The NIC

Visitors to the NIC now have access to free Wi-Fi!

Updated Nagoya Living Guide

The guide book provides helpful information for daily life to foreign residents living in Nagoya. Please keep this guide handy and refer to it whenever you need to find practical information related to living in Nagoya City.

Smart Cards can be used Nationwide!

The smart card travel passes of ten of the nation’s regional rail and transportation companies are now compatible with each other.

Medical Interpretation Service Program

To tackle this issue, from April 1, 2012 Aichi Prefecture started providing medical translation services on full-time basis at a number of medical institutions in the Prefecture. Services are available in English, Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Listen and Download Disaster Prevention PSAs

Disaster Prevention PSAs from the Nagoya International Center address the unique and challenging situations we are presented with when a disaster strikes. Other than giving you advice on what to do in a disaster, the PSAs also introduce a variety of useful everyday items which can be put to use.

Paper Recycling Ordinance

To protect these local citizen groups a new City of Nagoya ordinance came in to effect on July 1, 2012. Warning and fines come into effect from October 1.

Aichi Prefectural Road Traffic Law Changes

Do you cycle using headphones? Are you guilty of texting whilst riding your bicycle? There were some recent changes to the Aichi Prefectural Road Traffic Law that you should be aware of.

Manaca & TOICA Tie Up Means Convenience for Travelers

From Saturday, April 21, commuters will be able to use Manaca IC cards at the 148 stations operated by JR Tokai. TOICA card users will also be able to use their cards at the 390 stations and 1639 bus services that currently use Manaca IC cards.

Disaster Prevention Manual

The Nagoya International Center’s 3-part guide to surviving earthquakes, typhoons, and fires are available in 6 languages and can be downloaded in a printer-friendly PDF format.

Multi-language E-mail Support

E-mail support in multiple languages

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