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Nagoya celebrates its 400th birthday in 2010 and will be a special year for festivals, events, and exhibitions in the City.

The history of Nagoya can be traced back to 1610 when Tokugawa Ieyasu moved the capital of Owari Province from the nearby castle town of Kiyosu to a site that had a better defensive location across the Shonai River. On this site a new castle was constructed and the entire population of Kiyosu around 60,000 people, along with the temples and shrines, were moved to the new planned town.

To celebrate this milestone, the NIC is held a Nagoya 400-themed photo contest. Each entry reflects an aspect of Nagoya's history and each location presented here has a story behind it.

All submission can be seen below - If you would like to see larger versions of the submissions -

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