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Read the Signs - The novel coronavirus and masks



The novel coronavirus has made masks even more of a must-have item this year.

Common expressions in signs about the novel coronavirus:

お客様へ o-kyaku sama e (dear customer)

お客様各位 o-kyaku sama kakui (dear customer [more formal])

新型 shingata (new [type; model])

コロナウイルス koronauirusu (coronavirus)

肺炎 haien (pneumonia)

感染 kansen (infection)

予防 yobō (prevention)

~のため ~ no tame (in order to ~ ; in an effort to ~ )

At a restaurant


従業員 jūgyōin (staff)

マスク masuku (mask)

着用 chakuyō (wear)

マスク(を)着用させていただいております masuku (wo) chakuyō sasete itadaite orimasu (we are wearing masks [lit. we are taking the liberty of wearing masks])

At a convenience store counter


品薄 shinausu (shortage of stock)

お一人様1点限り o-hitori sama itten kagiri (limit of one item / pack per customer)

Outside a drug store, before opening


本日 honjitsu (today [more formal than 今日 kyō])

~の販売 hanbai (sales of [product])

先着45名様にて senchaku yonjūgo mei sama nite (at the first 45 customers)

終了 shūryō (finish; end)

終了とさせていただきます shūryō to sasete itadakimasu (will end [lit. we will take the liberty of ending])

1列でお並び下さい ichiretsu de o-narabi kudasai (please line up in single file)

お一家族様合わせて1点限り o-hito-kazoku sama awasete itten kagiri (limit of one item / pack per family)

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