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Events In and Around Nagoya


Aichi International Women's Film Festival 2019

The only international women's film festival in Japan, the Aichi International Women's Film Festival presents films by female directors and focusing on women from various countries and regions around the world. This year's event features films from Japan, China, America, Hong Kong, Israel, Singapore, Taiwan, Myanmar, and more. See the official website for the program and ticket details.

When: Wed. 4 to Sun. 8 Sep.
Where: Will Aichi (Aichi Women's Center) (ウィルあいち[愛知県女性総合センター]), Higashi Ward (東区, 4-8 Sep.); Midland Square Cinema (ミッドランドスクエアシネマ), Nakamura Ward (中村区, 4-6, 8 Sep.); Yatomi Municipal General Social Education Center (弥富市総合社会教育センター), Yatomi City (弥富市, 7 Sep.); Kanie Municipal Industry & Culture Hall (蟹江町産業文化会館), Kanie Town (蟹江町, 7 Sep.).

Nagoya Kottousai

The largest antique fair in the Tokai region, packed with all kinds of antiques from Japan and abroad. Antique dealers from all over the country fill the venue with urns, crockery, hanging scrolls, European antiques, armor and swords, tea ceremony items, retro items, kimono, toys and signs, clocks, glassware and furniture, dolls, fortune-bringing figures and much more.

When: Fri. 6 to Sun. 8 Sep. (10:00 - 17:00)
Where: Fukiage Hall (吹上ホール), Chikusa Ward
Access: A 5-minute walk from Fukiage Sta. (吹上駅, S09) Exit 5 on the Sakura-dori Subway Line (地下鉄桜通線)
Admission: Free
Website: (Japanese)

Assembridge Nagoya 2019

Assembridge (a fusion of "assemble" and "bridge") Nagoya is a festival of music and art held throughout the area between Nagoya Port Garden Pier district and Tsukiji-guchi from September to November, and many of the events are free. For full program details, see the official website.

When: Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays between Sat. 7 Sep. to Sun. 10 Nov.

Moon Viewing at Tokugawaen - Scoop up the Moon
月を掬う 徳川園観月会

TokugawaenMoon_500x333.jpgTokugawaen will host events around the traditional harvest moon viewing time in September, Jūgoya (十五夜: the 15th night of the 8th month in the old calendar - the mid-autumn full moon). A wooden boat adorned with traditional moon viewing offerings and decorations will be illuminated from sundown.
A related event on Sun. 15 Sep. is O-Tsukimi Dorobō (お月見どろぼう), in which children are given permission to 'steal' sweets offered to the harvest moon (15:00 - 16:00).

When: Fri. 13 and Sat. 14 Sep. (13 & 14 Sep. only 9:30 - 20:30; Last entry 20:00. Tokugawaen regular hours 9:30 - 17:30; Last entry 17:00; Closed Mondays [in the event it falls on a national holiday, closed the next business day instead]).
Where: Tokugawaen (徳川園), Higashi Ward (東区)
Access: By train: a 10-minute walk from JR Ōzone Sta. (大曽根駅, CF04) South Exit (南出口). By bus: From Sakae, take a City Bus for Hikiyama (引山) or Shiken'ya (四軒家) leaving from Bus Station 3, Sakae Bus Terminal (Oasis 21). Get off at Tokugawaen Shindeki (徳川園新出来) bus stop.
Admission: General Admission/College & Senior HS Students 300 (270) Yen; Residents of Nagoya City aged 65 or older 100 (90) Yen. Junior HS Students and younger free. Prices in ( ) are for groups of 20 or more.

Photo courtesy of Tokugawaen

The 88th Setomono Matsuri

SetomonoMatsuri_300x200.jpgThis popular festival that has continued for over 80 years offers a great chance to purchase some setoyaki ceramics (with a history and tradition spanning 1,000 years) at good value prices, and try a variety of hands-on experiences including decorating your own setomono. On Sat. 14 Sep. (19:00 - 19:40) there will be a fireworks display; in the event of rain, fireworks will be postponed to Sep. 15 (18:30 - 19:00). There is also the Miss Setomono Parade on 14 Sep. (15:00 - 16:00).

When: Sat. 14 Sep. (9:00 - 20:00) & Sun. 15 Sep. (9:00 - 19:00)
Where: Around central Seto City (瀬戸市) and various other locations throughout the city.
Access: Main venue - outside Owari Seto Sta. (尾張瀬戸駅, ST20) on the Meitetsu Seto Line (名鉄瀬戸線)
Admission: Free

Photo courtesy of Seto Marutto Museum

The 24th Honoo no Saiten - Dance of Flame

Honoo_200x300.jpgOne of the main attractions of this 'Festival of Flame' is the tezutsu hanabi (手筒花火 / handheld fireworks), found throughout the eastern Mikawa region, and which shower the holder in sparks as they are set off. The huge shafts of flame, sometimes reaching around 10 meters in height, are on a scale not seen elsewhere. With audience seating even closer to the fireworks area, this year promises an even more dynamic display than usual.

When: Sat. 14 & Sun. 15 Sep. (Venue opens 17:00, performance finishes 19:30)
Where: Temporary venue in Toyohashi Baseball Field (豊橋球場), Toyohashi Park (豊橋公園), Toyohashi City (豊橋市)
Access: From Toyohashi Sta. (豊橋駅, CA42/NH01) on the JR Tōkaidō Line (JR東海道本線) and Meitetsu Nagoya Line (名鉄名古屋本線), take the City Tram to Toyohashi Kōen-mae (豊橋公園前, about 9 minutes), from which the venue is about a 3-minute walk.
Tickets: Advance purchase tickets from 1,000 Yen (infield area, non-reserved; 1,500 Yen on day, at venue). See website for details and how to purchase.
Website: (Japanese)

Photo courtesy of Honoo no Saiten Executive Committee

All-Japan Gyōza Festival 2019 Autumn in Moricoro Park

Gyoza_300x169.jpgThe All-Japan Gyōza Festival is a celebration of gyōza, the stuffed dumplings loved by all. Enjoy gyōza from popular eateries across the Tōkai region, as well as areas famous for their gyōza such as Utsunomiya and Hamamatsu, and original varieties featuring local ingredients from all over the country.

When: Sat. 14 to Sun. 16 (nat. hol.) Sep. (10:00 - 17:00; Last entry 16:30)
Where: Green Square (大芝生広場) in Expo 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park (Moricoro Park) (愛・地球博記念公園[モリコロパーク]) in Nagakute City (長久手市)
Access: A short walk from Ai・Chikyūhaku Kinen Kōen Sta. (愛・地球博記念公園駅, L07) on the Linimo Line (リニモ)
Admission: Adult 1 Day Ticket 500 Yen; Elementary school students and younger free (Re-entry permitted on the same day only. Additional charges apply for food and beverages.)
Website: (Japanese)

Photo courtesy of All-Japan Gyōza Festival Secretariat

Osu Kannon Antique Market
大須観音 骨董市

Pick up some real bargains at this market, featuring a wide variety of antiques, from tasteful crockery to cute ornaments and toys, and bustling with a diverse cross-section of customers, from elderly antique aficionados to kimono-clad young women.

When: 18th and 28th of every month (early morning to early evening). Market is still held in wet weather.
Where: Osu Kannon Temple precinct (大須観音の境内), Naka Ward
Access: A 3-minute walk east from Osu Kannon Sta. (大須観音駅, T08) Exit 2 on the Subway Tsurumai Line (地下鉄鶴舞線)

Komakiyama Takigi Noh

KomakiyamaNoh_200x283.jpgEnjoy a mysterious world recreated on the site of the former residence of Oda Nobunaga, with a performance of World Intangible Cultural Heritage-listed Noh at the foot of the Komakiyama (Mount Komaki) Historical Site.


Noh: Tsurukame (鶴亀) (Kanze School)
Kyōgen: Koshiinori (腰祈) (Izumi School)
Noh: Hagoromo (羽衣) (Kanze School)

When: Sat. 21 Sep. (16:00 - venue opens; 17:00 - opening ceremony; 17:45 - fire lighting ceremony; 18:00 - Takigi Noh performance; 20:00 - ends)
Where: Komakiyama Shiseki Kōen (Mount Komaki Historical Site Park / 小牧山史跡公園), Komaki City (小牧市)
Access: At Heian-dori Sta. (平安通駅、K02/M11) on the Nagoya City Subway Meijo Line (名古屋市営地下鉄名城線), change to the Subway Kamiiida Line (地下鉄上飯田線) / Meitetsu Komaki Line (名鉄小牧線) and alight at Komaki Sta. (小牧駅, KM06). From Komaki Sta., Mount Komaki is a 15-minute (1.2km) walk east; or take the Meitetsu Bus (名鉄バス / 5 min.) or Komaki Junkai Bus (こまき巡回バス / 11 min.) to Komaki Shiyakusho-mae (小牧市役所前) bus stop, close to the venue.
Admission: Free

The 134st Mori no Nigiwai - Aichi 2019
第134回 杜の賑わい 愛知 2019

MorinoNigiwai_300x200.jpgPresented by JTB, Mori no Nigiwai is a stage entertainment event that has been held all over Japan. The first event in Aichi Prefecture will feature a new historical fantasy with a story on the theme of the three great generals Tokugawa Ieyasu, Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and the culture of the Owari and Mikawa districts, transformed into a new work of performing art.

When: Sat. 21 Sep. (1st performance - 11:30 - 13:00 [Doors open 10:30]; 2nd performance - 14:30 - 16:00 [Doors open 13:30])
Where: Aichi International Convention & Exhibition Center (Aichi Sky Expo / 愛知県国際展示場), Tokoname City (常滑市)
Access: A 5-minute walk from Central Japan International Airport (中部国際空港駅, TA24) on the Meitetsu Airport Line (名鉄空港線)
Tickets: Adult (Junior HS students and older) 3,000 Yen (includes 500 Yen shopping voucher); Child (Elementary school students) 1,500 Yen (includes 300 Yen shopping voucher); Pre-school-aged children free (Child price applies if seat required). Tickets available at JTB and convenience stores including 7-Eleven, Lawson and FamilyMart.

Photo courtesy of JTB Corp.

Nagoya Reptiles World 2019

NagoyaReptileWorld_267x200.jpgThis reptile and amphibian event has something for everyone, from herpetologists to those with a only casual interest in animals. Not only can you enjoy getting close to snakes, chameleons, geckos, turtles, frogs and fish, but also find out how to take care of and enjoy keeping these creatures as pets, with information sessions, a petting corner, and sales booths.

When: Sat. 21 and Sun. 22 Sep. (10:00 - 17:00)
Where: Fukiage Hall (吹上ホール)
Access: A 5-minute walk from Fukiage Sta. (吹上駅, S09) Exit 5 on the Sakura-dori Subway Line (地下鉄桜通線)
Admission: Adults (Senior HS students and older) 1,400 (1,200) Yen; Junior HS students 1,000 (800) Yen; Elementary students 700 (600) Yen; Pre-school aged children free. Prices in ( ) are for advance purchase tickets, available from FamilyMart convenience stores.
Website: (Japanese)

Photo courtesy of Aichi Television Broadcasting Co.,Ltd.

Owari Yokosuka Matsuri

OwariYokosuka_300x225.jpgThe main annual festival of Atago Shrine in Tōkai City. The main festivities are on Sunday, when floats featuring karakuri marionettes (each performing a unique trick such as firing arrows, instantly transforming into another character, doing handstands, etc.) congregate before the shrine. This is the only float festival where you can see the spectacle of donten (どんてん / turning of the floats) performed by only four men! Enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of Sunday's evening festival, as the floats are decorated with lanterns.

When: Sat. 21 and Sun. 22 Sep.
Where: Atago Shrine (愛宕神社) and surrounding area in Tōkai City (東海市) Yokosuka-machi Yonnowari (横須賀町四ノ割) 23-1
Access: A 5-minute walk northwest from Owari Yokosuka Sta. (尾張横須賀駅, TA10) on the Meitetsu Tokoname Line (名鉄常滑線)
Website: (Japanese)

Photo courtesy of Owari Yokosuka Festival Preservation Society

Akiba Festival

Akiba_300x200.jpgAn annual event held on a Sunday in mid-September, the daytime festivities include processions of young men from the six local communities bearing treasure chests and singing as they meander their way through the streets.
As evening falls, the processions converge on Chiryū Shrine, where a gallant offering of hand-held tezutsu fireworks is presented (19:00 - 21:00). In addition to the tezutsu, with shafts of flame over 7 meters high, each community presents a show of around 200 rapidfire rantama (乱玉) fireworks.

When: Sun. 22 Sep.
Where: Chiryū Shrine (知立神社) and surrounding area
Access: A 12-minute walk north from Chiryū Sta. (知立駅, NH19) on the Meitetsu Nagoya Line (名鉄名古屋本線)

Photo courtesy of Chiryū City Tourism Association

Osu Fantasy Festival (FanFes) vol.8
大須ファンフェス vol.8

An event for all lovers of handmade craft items, both producers and fans alike, and a great opportunity to not only pick up some uniquely original items but also to meet and talk to the makers.

When: Sun. 22 & Mon. 23 (nat. hol.) Sep. (11:00 - 16:00)
Where: Nagoya Kigyō Fukushi Kaikan (名古屋企業福祉会館) 6th floor Hall (ホール), Naka Ward (中区)
Access: A 5-minute walk east from Osu Kannon Sta. (大須観音駅, T08) Exit 2 on the Subway Tsurumai Line (地下鉄鶴舞線)
Admission: Free (contributions of any amount welcome)
Website: (Japanese)

The 24th Maneki-neko Festival in Seto

SetoManekiNeko_171x200.jpgManeki-neko are the beckoning cat talismans, said to bring good fortune, that can be seen in shops and homes throughout Japan. This festival in Aichi Prefecture's Seto City, a famous production center for maneki-neko, features an impressive exhibition of maneki-neko by 100 domestic and international artists, free maneki-neko face painting, a maneki-neko fan stamp rally, ever-popular lucky lunches, and more!
There are a multitude of events and activities to enjoy as the entire town is taken over by maneki-neko!

When: Sat. 28 and Sun. 29 Sep. (10:00 - 17:00)
Where: Various locations, including around Owari Seto Sta., throughout Seto City (瀬戸市)
Access: Owari Seto Sta. (尾張瀬戸駅, ST20) on the Meitetsu Seto Line (名鉄瀬戸線)

Photo courtesy of Seto City Marutto Museum / Tourism Association

Arimatsu Dashi Matsuri

ArimatsuDashiMatsuri_293x200.jpgThe Arimatsu Float Festival is the main autumn observance of Arimatsu Tenmansha Shrine, held on the first Sunday in October (the main festival) with events also held on the preceding day with the Shrine and the Arimatsu Tōkaidō as the main venues.
Records indicate that festive carts were pulled through the streets for the Shrine festival in the Edo period, but the present incarnation of the event began in the Meiji period when each local neighborhood procured a dashi (山車 / festival float).
Consisting of three main parts, the festival eve events (zen'ya-sai / 前夜祭) and the main festival (hon-matsuri / 本祭) are religious ceremonies, while the evening festival (yo-matsuri / 夜祭り) is held for the enjoyment of the locals.

When: Sat. 5 Oct. (festival eve events from 18:00) and Sun. 6 Oct. (main festival from 9:30; evening festival from 18:00)
Where: Arimatsu Tenmansha Shrine (有松天満社), Arimatsu Tōkaidō (有松東海道) and surrounds, Midori Ward (緑区)
Access: A 10-minute walk northwest from Arimatsu Sta. (有松駅, NH25) on the Meitetsu Nagoya Line (名鉄名古屋本線)

Photo courtesy of Arimatsu Narumi Shibori Kaikan

Toda Matsuri

TodaMatsuri_150x200.jpgA traditional festival that has continued for over 300 years, the Toda Matsuri is held at five shrines and their surrounding neighborhoods. The five dashi (山車) floats pulled through the streets of each neighborhood and their karakuri marionettes each have unique characteristics, and the dances performed also differ according to the area.
These dashi, karakuri and the festival itself are designated Intangible Folk Cultural Properties of the City of Nagoya.

When: Sat. 5 and Sun. 6 Oct. (3 floats gather at Toda no Tsuji at around 12:00 on 6 Oct.; Karakuri performances from around 12:40)
Where: Toda no Tsuji (戸田の辻) intersection, Hachiman Shrine (八幡社), Tenjin Shrine (天神社), Suzumiya Shrine (鈴宮社), Hakusan Shrine (白山社), Shinmei Shrine (神明社) in Nakagawa Ward (中川区), Toda (戸田)
Access: A 5-minute walk from Toda Sta. (戸田駅, E07) on the Kintetsu Nagoya Line (近鉄名古屋線); or a 10-minute walk from Haruta Sta. (春田駅) on the JR Kansai Line (JR関西線, CJ02).

Image: The dashi and karakuri of Hachiman Shrine. Photo courtesy of Nakagawa Ward

Owari Tsushima Aki Matsuri

Tsushima_300x200.jpgSaid to have begun around 300 years ago, a unique feature of the Owari Tsushima Autumn Festival is its extravagant traditional floats, or dashi (山車). Onlookers enjoy the exciting spectacle of the competing floats, along with the sight of the floats being turned and performances of their karakuri marionettes.
The lantern-adorned Ishidori Matsuri floats (石採祭車) are another highlight, with their gong and taiko drum accompaniment.

When: Sat. 5 and Sun. 6 Oct.
Where: Meitetsu Tsushima Sta. (名鉄津島駅), Tsushima Shrine (津島神社), and other locations in Tsushima City (津島市)
Access: A 15-minute walk west from Tsushima Sta. (津島駅, TB07) on the Meitetsu Bisai and Tsushima Lines (名鉄尾西・津島線)

Photo courtesy of Tsushima City Tourism Association

The Ladder-Climbing Shishi of Asakura

HashigoJishi_240x200.jpgA Shishi (a mythical, lion-like creature), performed by two men, climbs a 31-step ladder to a nine-meter high scaffold and gives a skillful performance. Watch the creature's acrobatic feats as it climbs, atop the tower, and as it slides down to earth. Gasp as the bold dance continues while the tower creaks and sways.

When: Sat. 5 Oct. (from 19:00) and Sun. 6 Oct. (11:00, 13:00, 19:00)
Where: Musan Jinja (牟山神社 / Musan Shrine) in Chita City (知多市) Shinchi Aza-Higashiyashiki (新知字東屋敷)
Access: A 3-minute walk south east from Asakura Sta. (朝倉駅, TA12) on the Meitetsu Tokoname Line (名鉄常滑線)
Admission: Free

Photo courtesy of Chita City

Hikamianego Shrine Reisai

HikamianegoReisai_500x333.jpgThe main annual observance of Hikamianego Shrine (an auxiliary shrine of Atsuta Shrine) is a lively affair featuring traditions of the old Odaka village such as mythical spirits known as shōjō (猩々) and parishioners pulling rare dashi (山車 / floats). Prior to the enshrinement of the sacred sword Kusanagi-no-Mitsurugi (草薙神剣) at Atsuta Shrine, the treasure was enshrined for a time in this area.

When: Sun. 6 Oct. (from 14:00)
Where: Hikamianego Jinja (氷上姉子神社), Midori Ward (緑区) Ōdaka-chō Hikamiyama (大高町火上山) 1-3
Access: A 20-minute walk west from Ōdaka Sta. (大高駅, CA63) on the JR Tōkaidō Line (JR東海道本線)

Photo courtesy of Atsuta Jingū

Cormorant Fishing on the Kiso River

Ukai_300x200.jpgUkai (鵜飼) is fishing using specially-trained cormorants (鵜 / u) to catch, swallow, and regurgitate the fish, a unique technique passed down through the generations. Weather and river conditions pending, there are daily ukai tours in Inuyama until the early autumn. Tours last between 1hr 15 min. (without meal) and 2 hrs. 30 min. (with meal) and visitors are taken out on special viewing boats to within close proximity of the fishing boats.

Daytime Ukai

1 Jun. - 15 Oct. 11:30 - 14:00 on Tue., Thu., Sat., Sun. (except 9 Aug. - 10 Aug.)
Cost: Adults 5,000 Yen, Children (age 4-11) 3,600 Yen; Includes meal.

Evening Ukai

Dinner tours: 1 Jun. - 31 Aug. 17:45 - 20:15; 1 Sep. - 15 Oct. 17:15 - 19:45. (No tours 10 Aug.)
Cost: Adults 3,000 Yen, Children (age 4-11) 1,500 Yen. Meal not included. Meals can be ordered when making a reservation. (Meal selection & prices available on website.) A 350 Yen charge per person applies if bringing your own food & drink.

Sightseeing tours: 1 Jun. - 31 Aug. 19:00 - 20:15; 1 Sep. - 15 Oct. 18:30 - 19:45. (No tours 10 Aug.)
Cost: see Dinner tours above.

Reservations: Kisogawa Kanko, phone: 0568-61-2727 (9:30-18:00; Jun. to 15 Oct.). Cancelation charges apply. Reservations required for all tours, at least 3 days in advance for tours with meals.
Where: Kiso River (木曽川), Inuyama City (犬山市)
Access: The Ukai Boat Boarding Area is a 5-minute walk north from Inuyamayūen Sta. (犬山遊園駅) East Exit (東口) on the Meitetsu Inuyama Line (名鉄犬山線).
Website: (Japanese)

Photo courtesy of Inuyama Tourist Association

Beer Gardens

The "beer garden" is something of a summer tradition in Japan, a place to cool off and enjoy eating, drinking and chatting outdoors. Charges cover unlimited food and drinks for a specified time, but some offer dishes or drinks for which an additional fee is required. Here is a selection of some of the numerous beer gardens around central Nagoya.

  • Beer Garden Maiami ビアガーデンマイアミ名古屋栄店

    Maiami2_300x200.jpgA beer hall originally for Allied soldiers during the Occupation was reborn as Beer Garden Miami atop the (then newly-completed) old Dai Nagoya Building in 1963, and has been a summer evening fixture ever since. Now located in Sakae, Maiami continues to offer beer, food and entertainment with resident idols Mai-chan and Ami-chan.
    When: Until Mon. 4 Nov. (Nat. Hol.) (Weekdays 16:00 - 22:30; Sat., Sun. & nat. hols. 11:00 - 22:30; Last order 22:00.)
    Where: On top of Nagoya Mitsukoshi Sakae Store, Naka Ward (中区) Sakae 3-5-1 (栄3-5-1)
    Access: Nagoya Mitsukoshi Sakae Store is directly outside Sakae Sta. (栄駅, H10/M05) Exit 16 on the Subway Higashiyama and Meijo Lines (地下鉄東山線・名城線). (Enter through the Mitsui Sumitomo Bank entrance to access the elevators.)
    Charge: ①Lunchtime (11:00 - 15:00, Sat., Sun. & nat. hols. only) Adults 120 min. 3,400 Yen; Children 1,000 Yen. ②Dinnertime (16:00 - 20:30, from 15:00 Sat., Sun. & nat. hols.) Adults 150 min. 4,000 Yen; Children 1,500 Yen. ③Midnight Discount (after 20:15) Adults 3,300 Yen; Children 1,000 Yen.
    Website: (Japanese)


  • Yanagibashi Beer Garden 柳橋ビアガーデン

    A beer garden attached to "Nagoya's kitchen," the Yanagibashi Market.
    When: Until Mon. 30 Sep. (Weekdays 17:00 - 23:00; Sat., Sun. & nat. hols. 16:00 - 23:00; Last order - food 22:00, drinks 22:30)
    Where: Marunaka Shokuhin Center (マルナカ食品センター) rooftop, Nakamura Ward (中村区) Meieki 4-15-2 (名駅4-15-2)
    Access: A 6-minute walk east from Nagoya Sta. (名古屋駅)
    Charge: 120 min. Adults 3,900 Yen (includes 800 Yen in vouchers to use on items for which extra charge applies); Children (age 6 to 12) 2,000 Yen; Pre-school-aged children free
    Website: (Japanese)
  • Meitetsu Department Store Main Store Rooftop Beer Garden 名鉄百貨店本店「屋上ビアガーデン」

    A beer garden offering a "world market"-themed all-you-can-eat buffet featuring cuisine from various countries, as well as unlimited drinks.
    When: Until Mon. 14 Oct. (nat. hol.) (16:00 - 22:00; Food and drink service stops 21:30)
    Where: Meitetsu Department Store Main Store Main Building (名鉄百貨店本店本館) rooftop, Nakamura Ward (中村区) Meieki 1-2-1 (名駅1-2-1)
    Access: Meitetsu Department Store Main Store Main Building is connected directly to Meitetsu Nagoya Sta. (名鉄名古屋駅)
    Charge: Unlimited time (max. 6 hours) Adults 4,100 Yen; Children (age 5 to 12) 1,500 Yen
    Website: (Japanese)

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