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Frequentry Asked Question

Where can I obtain an application from?

Forms can be picked up from a box on the Nagoya International Center 3rd floor.
It can also be downloaded from this site.
You may also fill one out on the day of interviews too.

Can I apply at any time?

No, classes are for a set period so please apply in time for the desired course.

Can I take the same class more than once?

Yes, a class can be taken repeatedly.

If I have perfect attendance, do receive something?

prize for perfect attendance will be given at the POTLUCK PARTY.
However the prize dose not certify completion of Japanese language education.
Zenshusseki-sho, Kaikin-sho

What should I bring to the POTLUCK PARTY?

Food, drink, and whatever is OK. Please bring one item.
A dish from your home country will be most welcome.
Potluck Party

Who are the teachers?

All teachers are volunteers.
we are teacher!

How about the text?

All KAIWA classes use an original textbook.
The Kanji class uses the textbook "Kanji Master".
You can get the text for the KAIWA-KISO class for \1,000 at The Nagoya International Center.

I can't make it in time to apply in person, what should I do?

It depends on how many people apply for classes.
Please call and check conditions.
If openings are still available you may be able to apply the following Sunday.
Please come, in person, to the Nagoya International Center to apply.

Do you know any other Japanese study courses?

Here is a list of Japanese courses in this area.
Please check it!pdf