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Tôi muốn được biết những điều sau

 Tôi muốn được biết những điều sau

Disaster Prevention

Japan is affected by many natural disasters, such as typhoons, heavy rain, and earthquakes. Disasters can affect anyone, regardless of nationality or gender.
To try to reduce the potential impact of disasters, the Nagoya International Center provides foreign residents with information in various forms and opportunities to experience disaster drills and other measures to promote preparedness.
By taking part in these kinds of activities and learning what you need to know, you may even be able to help others when a disaster occurs. Join in NIC's disaster preparedness activities and help to create a community in which everyone can feel safe and at ease.

《Our Disaster Preparedness Measures》

When a disaster occurs:

  • Publishing Evacuation Information for Nagoya City
    When Evacuation Information is issued for areas within Nagoya City due to an approaching typhoon, etc., Evacuation Information will be provided in multiple languages on the Nagoya International Center website.
    Languages: Japanese, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese, Nepali

In addition, in the event of a large scale disaster, an Emergency Support Center for Foreigners will be established at the Nagoya International Center.

Promotion of awareness:

  • For those with little experience of earthquakes and other natural disasters, the Nagoya International Center holds experiential learning sessions and a disaster preparedness quiz, and conducts disaster preparedness workshops at local Japanese language classes and other locations, in multiple languages and easy Japanese.
  • Nagoya International Center encourages participation in community disaster drills, and sends foreign residents with an interest in disaster preparedness to related training courses (NIC Disaster Supporter Program).
  • Nagoya International Center has compiled a Disaster Preparedness Manual, which is distributed at events, etc.
  • Nagoya International Center is working to cultivate Disaster Language Volunteers to provide linguistic support during a disaster to foreign residents who have difficulty obtaining information due to the language barrier.

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