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Taking the Moped (Gentsuki) License Test (原付免許試験)


A moped (or scooter) is anything that is equal to or less than 50 cc in engine displacement. They are small and easy to manoeuvre and park. A moped may be operated with a moped license or an automobile license. A standard Japanese driving license is valid for 50cc motorbikes & mopeds. However, international licenses are not valid for motorbikes including 50cc mopeds unless you are licensed specifically for motorbikes.

The following information applies to those seeking to take the test to obtain a license to drive a moped (原動機付自転車 / gendōki-tsuki jitensha / motorized bicycle) at the Driver's License Testing Center (Tempaku Ward).


Persons seeking to obtain a moped license at the Driver's License Testing Center must meet the following conditions.

●Applicant must have a registered address within Aichi Prefecture.

●Applicant must be at least 16 years old.

■Procedure times

Mon. to Fri. (except national holidays) 8:45 - 10:00 ※Applications are not accepted on Sat., Sun., national holidays or 29 Dec. to 3 Jan.


Purchase of revenue stamp → Test registration → Aptitude test → Knowledge test → Notification of result → Moped lecture course (successful examinees) → Issue of license

Unsuccessful examinees will be issued a Notification of Result and Application Form, which will be required when applying to take the test again.

■Required documents

●First-time applicants

□Driver's License Test Application Form (available at the revenue stamp counter)

□Persons who already hold a driver's license should present their current (Japanese) driver's license

□①Persons who do not hold a driver's license should present a Residence Certificate (住民票 / jūminhyō), with your nationality (or legal domicile [本籍 / honseki]), but without your Individual Number (photocopy not accepted) Persons who are not subject to the Basic Resident Register Law should present their abridged (or unabridged) Family Register (戸籍抄[謄]本 / kosekishō[tō]hon) (Japanese nationals), a valid passport (foreign nationals) or a Temporary Residence Certificate (一時居住証明書 / ichiji-kyojū-shōmeisho).

□②In addition to the documents listed in ①, other forms of identification are required (e.g. health insurance certificate, Individual Number Card (Notification Card not accepted), passport, Residence Card, Special Permanent Residence Certificate).

□2 photographs, taken within the last 6 months, without headwear, facing the camera, no background (3cm x 2.4cm)

□License Revocation Lecture Course Completion Certificate (required for persons who have previously had their license revoked, an application rejected or have been banned from driving on an International Driver's License for 6 months or more.)


Test fee 1,500 Yen Moped lecture course fee 4,500 Yen Issuance fee 2,050 Yen (successful examinees only) Total 8,050 Yen

●Applicants who have applied at least once before

□Test registration card

□Notification of Result, Application Form

□Persons who already hold a driver's license should present their current (Japanese) driver's license

□Fees (see above)

□Residence Certificate (photocopy not accepted; See ① above.)

□Identification (See ② above)

□License Revocation Lecture Course Completion Certificate (see above)

■Items to bring

□Black ballpoint pen □Glasses, etc. if required □Clothing suitable for operating a moped (long-sleeved top, long pants, sneakers, etc.)

■Test times
Test starting time Notification of result Issue of moped license
① 9:30 10:40 14:00
②10:30 13:00 16:40

※Time of issue may vary due to number of successful applicants

■Test content

Written questions x 46 Illustrated questions x 2 Test duration 30 minutes ※A score of 90 points or higher is required to pass.


Driver's License Testing Center (運転免許試験場)

Address: Nagoya-shi Tempaku-ku Hirabari-minami 3-605 (名古屋市天白区平針南三丁目605番地) Phone: 052-800-1352 (Japanese)

Original translation by Nagoya International Center of information available on the Aichi Prefectural Police Headquarters website (

*This information was valid at the time of publication in October 2018, yet is subject to change at any time. Please contact the Driver's License Testing Center for the most up to date information.

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