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Study Japanese

Study Japanese

Know about living in Nagoya

Know about living in Nagoya

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Join in events

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Read books in English

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Read the Signs - At the park



Whether just enjoying a stroll or throwing or kicking a ball around, it's good to be able to go to the park and be out of the house.
Watch out for rules, don't feed pigeons and stray animals, and keep the park safe and comfortable for everyone.


公園から kōen kara (from the park)

飛び出すボール tobidasu bōru (balls flying out)

付近の方 fukin no kata (people in the surrounding area)

迷惑しています meiwaku shite imasu (are annoyed / bothered)

注意して遊びましょう chūi shite asobimashō (play with care)


ハト hato (pigeons)

エサ esa (food [for animals])

やらないでください yaranaide kudasai (please don't give)

周辺住宅 shūhen jūtaku (surrounding residences)

フン害 fun gai (the nuisance of excessive droppings)

起きています okite imasu (is occurring)


小屋がけ koya-gake (erection of makeshift dwellings)

禁止 kinshi (prohibited)


~内 ~nai (within [the park])

放し飼い hanashigai (letting run free)

愛犬 aiken (beloved pet dog)

散歩 sanpo (walk)

リード(引き綱) rīdo (hikitsuna) (lead / leash)

つけましょう tsukemashō (put [your dog] on [a leash])

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