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Tôi muốn được biết những điều sau

 Tôi muốn được biết những điều sau

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Who can use the library?

Library cards can be issued to anyone living, working, or studying in Aichi Prefecture, as well as anyone living in an adjacent prefecture.

To join the library and get a library card, fill out an application form and submit it to the library counter along with a form of identification that shows your current address (driving license, resident card, or insurance card).

Group Membership is also available

Group membership is available to users representing schools and international exchange related non-profit organizations.

1. Group application as well as personal registration is required in order to utilize Group Lending Services.
2. Group application is required for each group member.
3. A document or ID showing the address of the group / organization is required at the time of application.

About the NIC Library Card
1. Users wishing to check out items are required to present a valid NIC Library Card.
2. Once-a-year after registering, the user's current address will be checked.
3. Any change in address (along with ID that shows the new address) or telephone number must be reported to the service counter.
4. It costs 100 Yen to re-issue a lost library card.

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