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Tôi muốn được biết những điều sau

 Tôi muốn được biết những điều sau

Sách hướng dẫn về cuộc sống tại Nagoya

The City of Nagoya's daily living information guide book.

The guide provides helpful information for daily life to foreign residents living in Nagoya. Please keep this guide handy and refer to it whenever you need to find out about municipal services, registration procedures and other information related to living in Nagoya City.



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Nagoya Living Guide contents:

  • Nagoya International Center (NIC)
  • Housing
  • Hospitals, Insurance, and Pensions
  • Jobs
  • Separation and Collection of Recyclables and Garbage
  • Procedures
  • Children and Education
  • Elderly and Disabled Persons
  • Transportation
  • Earthquakes, Typhoons, and Floods
  • Contacting Ward Offices, etc.

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